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All students in the NSCSD will take part in remote instruction through Friday, January 15. Hybrid instruction will resume on Tuesday, January 19.


For Technical Support, visit our technology website by clicking here or call our Tech Helpline at (315) 218-2108

Many teachers are delivering instruction on Google Meet and Zoom. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the learning environment and respect student privacy, parents should not be taking screenshots or recording instructional learning sessions.
Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping our remote learning environments safe and private for our students and teachers.

Click here for NSCSD's COVID-19 information, including important notices, learning and childcare resources, and food distribution plans

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Senior Information



A timeline of events for seniors to be following during their senior year...


Senior Calendar


Below is a link to our Career Center Website



  • Sign up for Oct. ACT and/or Nov. SAT if needed.  Make sure to use your four free score reports.
  • Meet with the college reps of the colleges you are interested in when they come to the Career Center.
  • If you registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse, please let our school's Registrar know in order to have your transcript sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Create an account on the Common App if you are going to be applying to four year colleges.
  • Plan any visits to colleges that you are applying to but have not yet visited.
  • Line up your teacher recommendations (one or two is plenty) and then request them through Naviance. ASK THE TEACHERS IN PERSON FIRST!!!!
  • Check the Career Center website for current scholarships. 
  • Be sure to attend your senior review with your counselor when scheduled.



  • Meet with college reps of the colleges you are applying to in the Career Center.
  • Sign up for the November SAT – be sure to use your 4 free score reports.
  • Make sure to have your SAT/ACT scores sent to the colleges to which you are applying.
  • If applying early decision, complete your application and let your school counselor know by filling out a pink sheet!
  • Start completing all college applications.
  • Fill out the pink College Processing sheet in the counseling office AFTER you have submitted your applications so your counselor can send transcripts.
  • Sign up for the December ACT or January SAT
  • Take ACT/SAT if you signed up for it.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Complete CSS profile if needed for college applications.
  • Request your FSA ID# at  You will need it to complete the FAFSA.
  • Begin filling out the FAFSA as early as possibly after it becomes available on October 1st.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at CNS with your parents. Check with your counselor for the date and time.



  • Take the SAT if you registered for it.  Check deadline for registering for the Dec SAT/ACT.
  • Be sure your first quarter grades are good, colleges ask for report cards.
  • Check the Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Finish submitting applications by Thanksgiving Break.  Be sure to fill out the College Application Cover Sheet and Transcript Request Form; then give it to your counselor AFTER you have submitted your applications.



  • Take the SAT or ACT tests if you registered for them.
  • Pink College Processing sheets are due to your counselor two weeks before break for Jan 1st deadlines, if not, there is no guarantee transcripts will arrive on time. 
  • Early decision application notifications should arrive by now.
  • Start a financial aid folder.  In this folder you will keep all financial aid documents organized. 
  • Write thank you notes to anyone who has written you a letter of recommendation.
  • Check Career Center website for scholarships.



  • Take the SAT- make sure score is sent by the CollegeBoard to your colleges.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.


February, March, and April

  • Monitor applications to make sure all materials are sent and received on time.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Apply for community scholarships (Dollars for Scholars.)
  • Notify colleges if you are declining admission (it’s polite).
  • Request that mid-year grades be sent to your colleges if necessary.
  • National Commitment Day is May 1st, tuition deposit is due by then.  


Before May 1st

  • Send in tuition deposit and housing deposit if necessary.
  • Notify other colleges that accepted you that you have selected another college.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.



  • Take Advanced Placement exams (if appropriate).
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Inform your counselor of your admission decisions and what college you will be attending.



  • Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from CNS!
  • Be sure to attend graduation rehearsal and graduation.