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Senior Information



A timeline of events for seniors to be following during their senior year...


Senior Calendar


Below is a link to our Career Center Website



  • Sign up for Oct. ACT and/or Nov. SAT if needed.  Make sure to use your four free score reports.
  • Meet with the college reps of the colleges you are interested in when they come to the Career Center.
  • If you registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse, please let our school's Registrar know in order to have your transcript sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Create an account on the Common App if you are going to be applying to four year colleges.
  • Plan any visits to colleges that you are applying to but have not yet visited.
  • Line up your teacher recommendations (one or two is plenty) and then request them through Scoir. ASK THE TEACHERS IN PERSON FIRST!!!!
  • Check the Career Center website for current scholarships. 
  • Be sure to attend your senior review with your counselor when scheduled.



  • Meet with college reps of the colleges you are applying to in the Career Center.
  • Sign up for the November SAT – be sure to use your 4 free score reports.
  • Make sure to have your SAT/ACT scores sent to the colleges to which you are applying.
  • If applying early decision, complete your application and let your school counselor know by filling out a pink sheet!
  • Start completing all college applications.
  • Fill out the pink College Processing sheet in the counseling office AFTER you have submitted your applications so your counselor can send transcripts.
  • Sign up for the December ACT or January SAT
  • Take ACT/SAT if you signed up for it.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Complete CSS profile if needed for college applications.
  • Request your FSA ID# at  You will need it to complete the FAFSA.
  • Begin filling out the FAFSA as early as possibly after it becomes available on October 1st.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at CNS with your parents. Check with your counselor for the date and time.



  • Take the SAT if you registered for it.  Check deadline for registering for the Dec SAT/ACT.
  • Be sure your first quarter grades are good, colleges ask for report cards.
  • Check the Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Finish submitting applications by Thanksgiving Break.  Be sure to fill out the College Application Cover Sheet and Transcript Request Form; then give it to your counselor AFTER you have submitted your applications.



  • Take the SAT or ACT tests if you registered for them.
  • Pink College Processing sheets are due to your counselor two weeks before break for Jan 1st deadlines, if not, there is no guarantee transcripts will arrive on time. 
  • Early decision application notifications should arrive by now.
  • Start a financial aid folder.  In this folder you will keep all financial aid documents organized. 
  • Write thank you notes to anyone who has written you a letter of recommendation.
  • Check Career Center website for scholarships.



  • Take the SAT- make sure score is sent by the CollegeBoard to your colleges.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.


February, March, and April

  • Monitor applications to make sure all materials are sent and received on time.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Apply for community scholarships (including Dollars for Scholars.)
  • Notify colleges if you are declining admission (it’s polite).
  • Request that mid-year grades be sent to your colleges if necessary.
  • National Commitment Day is May 1st, tuition deposit is due by then.  


Before May 1st

  • Send in tuition deposit and housing deposit if necessary.
  • Notify other colleges that accepted you that you have selected another college.
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.



  • Take Advanced Placement exams (if appropriate).
  • Check Career Center website for current scholarships.
  • Inform your counselor of your admission decisions and what college you will be attending.



  • Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from CNS!
  • Be sure to attend graduation rehearsal and graduation.
  • If you have taken any courses that received college credit, you need to contact the colleges who awarded you credit and have them send a transcript to the college you will be attending so you can get credit for those courses.
  • Contact College Board and have your AP report sent to the college you will be attending so they can determine what credits you will receive for your AP courses.