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Matthew Conti Transportation Director

5520 A East Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212

P:  (315) 218-2107



The North Syracuse CSD transportation program provides transportation for more than 8,000 public, private, parochial and special needs students residing in the North Syracuse community. It provides support for the instructional and non-instructional programs throughout the District through the use of a fleet of over 100 vehicles to more than 50 in and out-of-district locations. 

Transportation is also provided in support of community activities through town and village recreation departments, senior citizen organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations.

Additionally, this program provides vehicle repair and maintenance service for approximately 180 Transportation, Maintenance and Operations, and Food Service vehicles and pieces of equipment. 

Our offices are open 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays.

We are not open on weekends.
If you have any questions about your child's transportation, please feel free to
contact our offices at 315/218-2107.
Click here for Important Bus Behavior Information


Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited on a school bus: weapons, laser pens, lighters, matches, flame starters, bomb bags or any items which may constitute a safety hazard to the driver and passengers. Students are not permitted to board the school bus with large objects that take up space needed by fellow passengers. Some examples are: skis, hockey sticks, skate boards, large musical instruments, large sports bags and music boxes.

Students are permitted to use cell phones while on the school bus, however, use of the cell phone camera or video functions are not permitted at any time while on the school bus. The school bus driver has the authority to suspend cell phone use while on the bus if such use obstructs the safe and proficient operation of the school bus.

Private and Parochial Schools Outside the School District

Students attending private or parochial schools located outside the school district who have filed an appropriate application will receive notification from the Transportation Department. The information will contain their bus number, bus stop location, time of pick up and transfer bus, if needed. In the morning, the transfer buses will meet and make the necessary transfer of students in front of the North Syracuse Central School District building.  Any parent who has any questions or does not receive notification should contact the Transportation Department via the Bus Hotline at 315/218-2035 during the annual hotline period.

School Bus Information for Universal Pre-K (UPK) Students

Parents or guardians of UPK students receive notification of bus number, bus stop location, pick-up time and return bus number prior to the school year. UPK letters are mailed each August. It should be noted, in the morning, UPK students will be transported to their assigned attendance zone school on K-4 elementary school bus routes, then transferred to a bus to their UPK program.   In the afternoon UPK students will transported to their assigned attendance zone school from their UPK program then transferred to their take home bus. Please note that only students currently 4 years old can ride the bus to school. Parents must transport students who are not 4 years old to school. 

If you should have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department’s Bus Hotline at 315/218-2035.

Transportation To and From a Child Care Provider

Parents who require their child to be transported to or from school to a baby sitter or child care provider must complete a set of transportation request forms. Transportation will be arranged to and from the baby sitter. It is the district’s expectation that your child will utilize the service provided both a.m. and p.m. These forms must be updated annually. 

The District requires that both the parent and the baby sitter/child care provider complete a form. These request forms are available through the District Registrar (315/218-2145) or Transportation Department (315/218-2107) and are available as links below. Any changes in transportation require a minimum notification of 72 hours. Forms must be on file with the Transportation Department in August.

Bus Safety & Discipline
Proper behavior is expected from all students in the North Syracuse Central School District and is particularly important when on a school bus. Disruptive, reckless and/or bullying behavior cannot be tolerated on a school bus. Students who are repeatedly disruptive, or who behave recklessly on the bus, will be referred to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary action. This action may include temporary or permanent suspension from the school bus. Please refer to your child’s student handbook for more details. 

As the new school year is about to begin, please review with your young children the basic rules of bus safety:

  1. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before entering or exiting.
  2. Stay seated on the bus to avoid falling when the bus is moving.
  3. At the bus stop, wait for the driver to signal you to cross the street.
  4. Do not hook charms, key chains or stuffed animals to backpacks. These items can easily get caught on the bus railing, steps or door.
  5. Be sure backpack straps and sweatshirt or jacket strings are tied and in place. These can also easily get caught on the bus railing, steps or door.
  6. Never get off at a stop that isn’t yours unless you have a bus pass to go to someone else’s home.
  7. If you have a question about your stop or forgot to get off at your stop, tell the driver and he/she will get you home safely.
  8. Elementary students should have bus tags with name, address, phone number and bus number visible during the first month of school.