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Sponsor Recognition Program

The North Syracuse Central School District has many generous donors who have made gifts to the district to support student programs, provide required equipment or enhance facilities. Historically, donors have been recognized at Board of Education meetings when their gift is accepted. 

In accordance with Board of Education Policy 1800, the Board of Education is empowered under New York State Education Law to accept gifts or financial donations from companies and/or individuals. School districts may lawfully acknowledge sponsors.

In July of 2014, the district expanded the recognition of sponsors beyond the acceptance of gift at a Board of Education meeting. Any unrestricted monetary donations greater than $1,000, received by the district (after July 1, 2014) are eligible for public recognition in the form of signage at the Gillette Road Athletic Complex and/or the Michael J. Bragman Stadium. Sponsorship levels are available at the Patron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level.

Signage Content

All signage will be manufactured by a district-approved vendor in the same size and format, with a proof to be approved by the sponsor prior to construction. Click here to see a sample sign. Signs cannot advertise a sponsor's goods or services but will include the following:

  • Amount/level of sponsorship (Platinum, gold, etc.)
  • Name of sponsor or sponsor's business
  • Sponsor logo
  • Sponsor address, phone number, e-mail and desired contact information
  • District's statement of appreciation

Sponsorship Levels

The district has established the following sponsorship levels and corresponding recognition:

  • Platinum (Donation of $5,000 and up) = 3 signs for 2 years
  • Gold (Donation of $4,000 to $4,999) = 2 signs for 2 years
  • Silver (Donation of $3,000 to $3,999) = 3 signs for 1 year
  • Bronze (Donation of $2,000 to $2,999) = 2 signs for 1 year
  • Patron (Donation of $1,000 to $1,999) = 1 sign for 1 year

Other Guidelines

All monetary donations received through the North Syracuse Central School District Sponsorship Recognition Program will be used to support student programs, purchase equipment and enhance facilities. All donations will be handled pursuant to Board of Education policy 1800 and applicable laws and regulations. Signage shall not be designed to induce the purchase of or extol the benefits of any of the donor’s products or services. The Board of Education has final and exclusive authority:

  • to accept or reject all donations
  • to alter the sponsor recognition program at any time including the manner and duration in which sponsors are recognized

Restricted gifts, while not eligible for recognition in the form of signage, are graciously accepted in accordance with Board of Education policy 1800.

Who to Contact

If you would like to be recognized with signage for your monetary donation, greater than $1,000, to the North Syracuse Central School District, please contact the business office at 315/218-2143.