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Wall of Distinction

The North Syracuse Central School District is currently accepting nominations for their Wall of Distinction. Nomination forms are available online by clicking here or by calling the office of Christopher R. Leahey, Ed.D., North Syracuse Central School District Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, at (315) 218-2148. 

The North Syracuse Central School District Wall of Distinction was created in 1990 for the purpose of recognizing and honoring graduates of North Syracuse High School, Cicero High School or Cicero-North Syracuse High School. An advisory committee considers nominated graduates who have achieved a high level of prominence in their personal and/or professional lives and who have participated in extensive community service or volunteer activities for induction to the Wall of Distinction.

Each inductee has his/her picture and biography prominently displayed on the Wall of Distinction which is located at Cicero-North Syracuse High School. For further information, please contact the Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at (315) 218-2124.

Following is a listing of current Wall of Distinction Members by year of induction.

1990 Inductees 1991 Inductees 1992 Inductees
Richard Bader, Michael J. Bragman, Glenn Burdick, Ruth Burdick, Dennis Burns, Earl Butterfield, Thomas Carroll, Yolanda Blair Copeland, William Fisher, Lorraine Hodge, Ron Hodge, Curtis Irwin, Jackie Robinson Melchor and Doreen Zangari David Giusti, J. Gregory Mort, Kathryn Howe Ruscitto, Thomas Trask and Mary Yuill Anthony S. Bottar, Tracey Smith Cottle, Warren Darby, Fred Fergerson and James Shampine
1993 Inductees 1994 Inductees 1995 Inductees
Judy Byron, David Oliver, Duret Smith and Robert Tomeny Lawrena Walter Foland, Paul Linnertz and Paul Wilson Catherine Cifaratta-Brayton, William Farone, Lona Flynn and Steve LaValle
1996 Inductees 1997 Inductees 1998 Inductees
Wayne Guenther, Sheila Duffy Patterson, Malcom Mallette and Joan Zinsmeyer Kesel Angelo Capozzi and Paul Wagner Richard Carroll, Kathleen M. MacPherson and Joseph Sanfilippo
1999 Inductees 2000 Inductees 2001 Inductees
Dana Drisko and Phyllis Ilnitzki David Burdick, Roger Burdick, Vera Desimone and Jack Zinsmeyer Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt and Carol S. York
2002 Inductees 2003 Inductees 2004 Inductees
Charles J. Haven, Jr. David Essel, Kathleen Rowe and Robert Zacholl William C. Baker, Toni 'Lyn Brauchle, Chester Dudzinski, Chloe Ann T. O'Neil and Thomas Stimson, Jr.
2005 Inductees 2006 Inductees  2007 Inductees
Thomas J. Carroll, David Gere, Joanne Gere, Laura Gere, Richard Gere, Susan Gere and Douglas G. Ladd  Philip M. Cleary, William F. Edwards, Christopher S. Gaiser, Capt. Owen P. Honors, Jr., Sean T. O'Hara and Pamela Wintle Lynn A. Calpeter, Dr. Archie A. MacKinney, Nichole Frezza Polos, Christopher J. Tanski, Dr. Craig S. Vinch and Gary L. Wilmer
2008 Inductees 2009 Inductees 2010 Inductees
Capt. Connie L. Frizzell, John C. Heindorf, Howard E. Krueger, Gloria Viviano Mitton and Chuck Wilbur Mary P. Bronner, Helen Byrnes, Roger Chandler, Lewis Fergerson, Ronald Grethel and Susan E. Tehon Mark Atkinson and Beverly Hill
2011 Inductees 2012 Inductees 2013 Inductees
John Abulencia, Henry Fengler, Charles Hafner and Linda Hafner Bryan Ripley Crandall, Tiffany Farish Hill, Joleen DesRosiers Moody and Elizabeth Mowins Sharon Edick, Paul Henry Smith, Jr., Barbara Jean St. Pierre, Renee St. Pierre-Teller and John Unger
2014 Inductees 2015 Inductees 2017 Inductees
Diana G. (Mathews) Adlowitz, David H. Mathews, Brian David Kesel, Ronald John Lukas, Marjorie L. (Salisbury) Thomas and David F. Thomas Janet Irene Adams Chalifoux and Kimberly Ann Sharp Green Dr. Tricia (Rose) Bienick, Jodi (Dunn) DeAugustine, Amy (Sonich) Hysick, Dr. Anne (DesRosiers) Killen and Kayla McKeon
2020 Inductees    
Suzanne (Argy) Meyer (deceased, North Syracuse High School Class of 1967), Pete Moore (Cicero-North Syracuse High School Class 1984), Roxanne (Corl) Trew (Cicero-North Syracuse High School Class of  1986) and Lee James Turner (North Syracuse High School Class of 1974)