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Fine Arts and Co-Curricular Activities


Daryle RedmondDirector of Fine Arts
and Co-Curricular

P: (315) 218-2147


Fine Arts provides a comprehensive program in both the visual and performing arts in order that each student obtains the skills and knowledge-base necessary to successfully pursue individual interests, abilities, careers, and educational goals, along with the worthy usage of leisure time.

It provides students with the opportunity to develop awareness of self and the world around us, to enable each student to develop their creativity, to understand the value of the arts for the individual and society, to understand art fundamentals, and to help students recognize the arts as a universal form of communication.

Determination, perseverance, achievement, respectfulness and teamwork are some of the valuable lessons that can be attained through co-curricular participation. Through these opportunities, we seek to offer a wholesome form of physical, musical, artistic, social, and academic activities. These programs play an important role in helping the individual student develop a positive self-image.

Participation in these activities is a privilege, one that requires commitment, fair play and accountability. These programs provide a vital link between the school and community by fostering school spirit and pride. Students, staff and parents representing the North Syracuse Central School District are year-round role models.

Co-curricular programs are an integral part of the total educational process at North Syracuse Central School District. Program participation enriches the educational experience, promotes connectedness and a sense of belonging, and contributes to the development of a well-rounded student.

The culture of the North Syracuse Central School District is also reflected in what occurs before and after the normal academic day. We strive to balance individual talent with group achievement, where student and program development define success. While the reputation of our school and community is enhanced whenever its representatives excel, by far the greatest rewards and satisfactions are derived through participation in our co-curricular opportunities.

Performing Arts -Competitive Ensembles
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C-NS Drumline

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