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Click the QuickLinks below to access COVID-19-related and expanded in-person school updates: 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping remote learning safe and private for our students and teachers by not taking screenshots or recording learning sessions conducted on Google Meet and Zoom.

North Syracuse schools - click for home

Cicero-North Syracuse High School


Jamie Sullivan - Executive Principal

Diane Clancy - Executive Secretary

TECH HELP: (315) 218-2108

6002 Route 31
Cicero, NY 13039

P:  (315) 218-4100
F:  (315) 218-4185

School Hours:
7:35 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.



Click here for 6-18 graduation letter from Superintendent Bowles

Click here for 2021 Yearbook Pickup Information

June 2021 Regents Exam Schedule.pdf


Congratulations to our Northstar Pride Award winners for May & June!

Aiello Anna   Floyd Ahmari   Morgan Marianna
Albanese Angelo   Frascatore Marisa   Morgan Joe
Albanese Rocco   Freund Kevin   Murphy Nicolas
Albanese Angelo   Germain Ellysia   Murshed Hizam
Albino John   Gilbert Jared   Mussi Logan
Alvarez Drew   Gilbo Thomas   Musumeci Dominic
Anderson Andrew   Graff Benjamin   Nguyen Brandon
Anderson Zach   Graham Hannah   Nicholson Godis
Arnold Adrianna   Gratien Audrey   Nieves Isaiah
Arrao Christopher   Hefner Savannah   O'Keefe Owen
Asare Rachelle   Henne Elizabeth   Orloff Jaden
Ashkar Naseem   Higgs Bradley   Oswald Jackson
Bahir Nematullah Ahmad   Hoblet Ava   Palmer Preston
Bailey Twanik   Howell Madeline   Paolini Jillian
Barbuto Joseph   Hussein Hannah   Perry Nick
Barns Ian   Ingison Rebekah   Petrusch Kayla
Benoit Morgan   Jackson Ciann   Picard Celine
Benoit Ceara   Jobson Nikolas   Piston Kaitlin
Bernardi Michael   Johnson Christopher   Polhamus Emmalee
Bhattarai Rodan   Julian Gaetano   Purdy Amanda
Blumer Nathan   Kalfass Khol   Putman Kate
Bodenbach Lorelei   Kawola Riley   Richardson Avery
Bouchard Emma   Kayla Guida   Rivera Michael
Boyle Hannah   King Madison   Rodgers Michael
Bunn Athena   Kingsley Mackenzie   Roma Giana
Bustin Abby   Knaub Garrett   Rosario Yuliana
Canino Lily   Kratz Aidan   Sanchez Dalila
Carmosino Rachael   Kuhr Jackson   Scalisi Victoria
Chaudhry Hanaan   Kuhr Jackson   Schug Marissa
Chiera Anthony   LaBoy Ciara   Scott Cullen
Clark Derrick (Amaia)   Lacey Raejanae   Sefo Denny
Cochardo Carter   Lane Rose   Seitz Jacob
Coleman Lauren   Laquidari Lauren   Shuba Gabriel
Corcoran Colin   LaVancha Riley   Snyder Jamie
Cordero Megan   Lawless Hailey   Soulier Emily
Corkle Autumn   Leon Melendez Victor   Stahrr Trevor
Cox Mikayla   Leone Mackenzie   Syrell Tanya
Cruz Nashalee   Lian Siang   Szymanoski Morgan
Daugard Nathan   LoBello Austin   Tschopp Jackson
Decker Meghan   Lorenzo Angelee   Velazquez Ethan
Deegan Patrick   Mai Timothy   Wagner Alexia
Delconte Carolann   Manning Alanna   Warner Karly
DeMarche Bella   Marchak Brady   Weiler Chance
DiMatteo Andrew   Marra Olivia   Williams Drew
DiOrio Gabriella   Martin Jennica   Willis Adrienne
DiToma Giavonna   Masters Mykenzie   Wills Sierra
Drum Rhiannon   McCarthy Leabella   Wilsey Kyla
Eichenlaub Eva   McGannon Dylan   Wozniczka, IV John
Fay Ashley   McGrath Legende   Wright Isaiah
Fehrman Laura   McGrath Molly   Wright Brooke
Fehrman James   McRobbie Alyson   Young-Bey Joe
Finley Jared   Middleton Maggie      

Click the link below to view the Programs of Studies.

Program of Studies 2021-2022

Program of Studies 2020-2021



Wednesday Remote Learning Office Hours

Time Department
7:15-8:15 Technology, FACS, Business
8:15-9:15 Music, Health, Art
9:15-10:15 English
10:15-11:15 Math
11:15-11:45 No office hours
11:45-12:45 Science
12:45-1:45 Social Studies
1:45-2:45 World Languages, PE

For attendance on Wednesdays,
all students must log in to class link.


Daily School Attendance:  This shows that you are present in school, whether you are here in person or learning at home.

If you are here at school your 1st or 5th block teacher will record Daily School Attendance.

If you are learning at home, you must sign into ClassLink. 
You must sign in every day you are learning at home, including Wednesdays!  Wednesday is considered a school day!


To access ClassLink:

  • On a District Chromebook - once you log in, ClassLink login should appear.


Username:  Student username is the same that they use to log in to the computer.  (ex:  23khill)      Do not use the    

Password:  Use the same password you use to log into the Chromebook


On a personal device (or district Chromebook) you must log in from the district webpage:

On the top of the page is a link for students to log into ClassLink


Class Attendance:  Teachers will record your attendance in their classes.  This will be taken when you are in school.  On the days you are learning from home, students must “attend” each Google Classroom based on the letter day and answer any attendance question the teacher has asked.