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All students in the NSCSD will take part in remote instruction through Friday, January 15. Hybrid instruction will resume on Tuesday, January 19.


For Technical Support, visit our technology website by clicking here or call our Tech Helpline at (315) 218-2108

Many teachers are delivering instruction on Google Meet and Zoom. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the learning environment and respect student privacy, parents should not be taking screenshots or recording instructional learning sessions.
Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping our remote learning environments safe and private for our students and teachers.

Click here for NSCSD's COVID-19 information, including important notices, learning and childcare resources, and food distribution plans

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Cicero-North Syracuse High School


Jamie Sullivan - Executive Principal

Diane Clancy - Executive Secretary

TECH HELP: (315) 218-2108

6002 Route 31
Cicero, NY 13039

P:  (315) 218-4100
F:  (315) 218-4185

School Hours:
7:35 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.




Learning from home can be tricky. 
Our homes are usually places of recreation & relaxation,  filled with activities and distractions available to us. 
When you are on a class meet/zoom, treat it as if you are physically in class. 
Adjust your environment and yourself for success. 
Staying on a schedule is proven to improve productivity and your mood. 
No situation will be perfect, but do the best you can.  
Norms for learning from home:
  • Log in on time to meet with your class.  Turn on your chromebook and get your environment setup (textbook, notebook, pencil, homework, etc) before the scheduled class.  
  • Follow district policy: no recording, no discussing of the class except when you meet.
  • Other electronic devices (including cellphones) should be off and away, ensuring you are always looking at your screen.
  • Wear earbuds or headphones for better overall audio and reducing distractions to others (especially when you speak or watch an instructional video).
  • Mute your mic to begin the class.
  • Ensure no distractions are in the camera’s viewing field and people around you are aware you are in class.  Eating is a distraction.
  • Leave all pets on the floor or in their cages off screen.
  • Be seated in a chair, not on a bed.  If possible, sit at a desk or a table.
  • Turn on your video: your whole face needs to be on 100% of the time.  If you need a break for a minute or two (bathroom etc.) turn off your camera, but stay on the call.  If there is a situation where you cannot have your camera on, please have a discussion with your classroom teacher.
  • Dress for success: Look presentable!  Pretend you are in class, because you are.  
  • 24 hour advanced email is expected if you are unable to join your class meet with an acceptable reason.  Please cc: a parent in the email.   When you are absent from class, you are still responsible for the work.
  • Speak up and contribute your ideas.  We want full participation in our classroom community.
  • Smile.  It’s contagious!  (So is yawning- beware!)

Having difficulty with an at-home internet connection?  
  • You need to be closer to your router.  (Connectivity and speed increases as distance decreases)
  • Run only the chrome tabs you need to maximize bandwidth.  
  • Communicate with your family that it’s probably not a great idea to stream three Netflix shows while you are in class.
  • Weird issues: Reboot the chromebook (It usually works and you are down for 1-2 minutes).
A printable version: Virtual Learning Norms

Information about school when we return: Virtual Learning Info


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Click the link below to view the 2021 - 2022 Program of Studies.

Program of Studies 2021-2022.pdf

Check out our Elective Course website!


Students will meet with their teachers TWICE each week, with the following exceptions:

THREE times each week for Science classes with labs

THREE times each week for Algebra 1

ONE time each week for PE, AIS and Workshop classes



Student Arrival

1/5 7:30-8:49
2/6 8:59-10:22

10:32-11:02 (lunch)

11:12-12:31 (class)


10:32-11:51 (class)

12:01-12:31 (lunch)

4/8 12:41-2:00
Dismissal 2:00
2:00-2:45 Remote Learning Office Hours

Students who are working remotely from home should follow their daily CNS schedule.


Wednesday Remote Learning Office Hours

Time Department
7:15-8:15 Technology, FACS, Business
8:15-9:15 Music, Health, Art
9:15-10:15 English
10:15-11:15 Math
11:15-11:45 No office hours
11:45-12:45 Science
12:45-1:45 Social Studies
1:45-2:45 World Languages, PE

For attendance on Wednesdays,
all students must log in to class link.


Daily School Attendance:  This shows that you are present in school, whether you are here in person or learning at home.

If you are here at school your 1st or 5th block teacher will record Daily School Attendance.

If you are learning at home, you must sign into ClassLink. 
You must sign in every day you are learning at home, including Wednesdays!  Wednesday is considered a school day!


To access ClassLink:

  • On a District Chromebook - once you log in, ClassLink login should appear.


Username:  Student username is the same that they use to log in to the computer.  (ex:  23khill)      Do not use the    

Password:  Use the same password you use to log into the Chromebook


On a personal device (or district Chromebook) you must log in from the district webpage:

On the top of the page is a link for students to log into ClassLink


Class Attendance:  Teachers will record your attendance in their classes.  This will be taken when you are in school.  On the days you are learning from home, students must “attend” each Google Classroom based on the letter day and answer any attendance question the teacher has asked.

Sophomores and Juniors: Check out our Business Electives offered next year!