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Welcome to the CNS Counseling Department Webpage!!


6002 ROUTE 31
CICERO, NY 13039
PHONE: (315) 218-4100
FAX: (315) 218-4185 



The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 988 
or 1-800-273-8255. If you are struggling and need help,
please reach out to someone. 

CEEB CODE: 331-378



ATTENTION JUNIORS: For the 2023-2024 school year, CNS will be offering the PSAT on Saturday, October 14th, 2023 from 7:30 am until approximately noon. Online Exam registration will begin on Tuesday, September 7, 2023 at 12:00 AM and end on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 11:59 PM. To register, students should visit The registration fee is $27. To see the parent letter with more information regarding PSAT registration, please click on SAT/ACT test dates in the left hand column; then click on downloads. 

Counseling Office Secretaries


Bonnie Scott-House 1 Counseling Office       Phone #: (315) 218-4107 (Heffron, Mack, and Nappi)


Melissa Feidt-House 2 Counseling Office      Phone #: (315) 218-4207 (Breindel, Kwilos, and Scarcella)

Kathy Frey-House 3 Counseling Office      Phone #: (315) 218-4307 (Catera, Murphy, and Wilson)



School Counselor List for the 2022-2023 School Year


Sara Mack
Phone #: (315) 218-4126

BA Psychology (SUNY Geneseo)
MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade 


Shannon Heffron
Phone #: (315) 218-4120
*Department Chair

BA Psychology (SUNY Potsdam)
MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Christy Nappi
Phone #: (315) 218-4127

BA Psychology (Saint Leo University)
MS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)
CAS Counselor Education (Syracuse University)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Courtney Kwilos
Phone #: (315) 218-4212

BS Psychology (SUNY Oswego)
MS School Counseling (Canisius College)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Eric Breindel
Phone #: (315) 218-4214

BA Psychology (SUNY Oswego)
MS Counseling (SUNY Oneonta)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Michelle Scarcella
Phone #: (315) 218-4211

BS Psychology (SUNY Brockport)
MS Counseling (Canisius College)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Amanda Wilson
(formerly Amanda Lawrence)
Phone #: (315) 218-4203

BS Psychology (SUNY Brockport)
MS School Counseling (SUNY Oswego)
CAS School Counseling (SUNY Oswego) 


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Stacey Catera
Phone #: (315) 218-4312

BS Psychology (Siena College)
MS Professional School Counseling (Sage Graduate School)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


Danielle Murphy
Phone #: (315) 218-4311

BS Psychology and Video Production/Design (SUNY Fredonia)
MA School Counseling (Edinboro University)


10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade



Social Workers:
House 1   Michaela Marotti Mills-Phone #: (315) 218-4191, email:
House 2   Lyra Couillard-Phone #: (315) 218-4125, email:
House 3   Heather Robillard-Phone #: (315) 218-4190, email:


Student Assistance Counselor:
Hannah Greene-Phone # (315) 218-4142, email:


*Important Note Regarding College Credits Taken in High School: When taking college courses in high school (this includes AP, SUPA, RIT, and SUNY credits) there is NO guarantee that those credits will transfer to your chosen college or university. Any SUNY credits are 100% accepted at any SUNY school. However-AP, SUPA, RIT, and SUNY credits are NOT always accepted at private colleges and universities. If you are applying to a private college or university, check with them to see if they will accept your AP, SUPA, RIT, and SUNY credits. Even if the credits will not be accepted by the college/university of your choice, there are many benefits to taking college courses in high school:
1) the rigor in your schedule will help you during the college admissions process
2) the level of challenging work and the work ethic you develop will help prepare you for knowing what to expect when you get to college
3) you are able to challenge yourself and take courses in your interest area by taking these college courses

*Need your working papers? Click on the Important Forms link on the left to find the application. Return your application to your counseling office secretary when complete. You will also need to have proof of a physical within the last 12 months. The student must be present when picking up the working papers. When you need full time working papers, both the student AND the parent must be present.

*Check out the How To Videos Link on the left to watch helpful videos about completing the college application process!! NOW AVAILABLE!!


*Go to the Financial Aid Resources Tab on the left and scroll down to related links to find information on the Excelsior Scholarship (free tuition for SUNY and CUNY colleges).



College Application Time begins in September. Here is the process that should be followed to ensure that colleges receive your application materials in a timely manner:


(1) meet with your school counselor to discuss your plans beyond high school


(2) go into Naviance and add colleges to your "Colleges I Am Applying To" List


(3) ask your teachers in person to write you letters of recommendation; THEN go into Naviance and request your letters of recommendation (you will need at least two and you MUST request them in Naviance)


(4) fill out your college applications by either using the Common Application, the SUNY Application, or the application directly on the college website; make sure you fully complete and submit your applications; pay attention to deadlines!


(5) update your resume in Naviance: teachers and counselors can use this information when writing your letters of recommendation


(6) send your SAT and/or ACT scores to your schools: YOU must send your scores; your school  counselor does NOT send them and they are NOT on your transcript


(7) complete the PINK sheet: go to your counselor's office and complete a PINK sheet letting your counselor know where you applied to college (we do NOT send out any transcripts or letters of recommendation until we get your PINK sheet!!)


(8) complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid); this can be completed as early as October 1st of your senior year; you want to complete this early-DO NOT WAIT-it can have an impact on how much financial aid you will receive


(9) wait to hear back from your colleges