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Open registration for the 2022-2023 school year is taking place now. Visit our homepage for brochures and applications. 

For reminders or new families that join our school, the information that follows will be helpful.

School hours are:

AM Session 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

PM Session 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Full Day Session 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


If your child is eligible for transportation, Birnie Bus Company will contact you prior to their first day of school to inform you of the time he/she will be picked up and brought home.  Please call Birnie Bus (315/458-1781) each time your child will not need transportation to or from school. 

Please note:  Birnie Bus will pick up and drop off your children daily in accordance with your written instructions only.  Any changes in your regular instruction must be IN WRITING with at least ONE WEEK’S ADVANCE NOTICE. Birnie will accommodate changes if possible.  Frequent changes cannot be accommodated.

Only individuals authorized by you will be allowed to receive your child. If a different person is to receive your child, you must give written instructions in advance.  A picture I.D. will be required by bus drivers, teachers or nurses to ensure the child is given to the person you designated

Raptor Campus Security Software at NSEEP

In order to better protect our students, visitors and staff, NSEEP has a sign-in procedure that includes the use of the Raptor Campus Security Software. Raptor instantly screens out registered sex offenders from schools, while managing custody issues, visitors, students, and volunteers.

A valid State issued ID (driver’s license) is required to enter NSEEP as is the procedure throughout the North Syracuse School District. Please report to the main office to sign in/check in. On your first visit, your State issued ID will be scanned by the “Raptor” system and you will then receive a visitor badge containing your identification information. Minors that do not have a valid State ID will be allowed to visit, as long as they are accompanied by an adult that has checked in according to our procedures.

Parents/guardians who drop off/pick up students daily, once registered with our electronic sign-in procedure, will not be required to display your ID each time you visit. Drop off and pick up times are as follows:
A.M. Drop Off   8:25 to  8:35
A.M. Pick Up   11:00
P.M. Drop Off  11:55 to 12:05
P.M. Pick Up     2:30

Full Day Drop Off   8:55 to 9:05
Full Day Pick Up   2:30

Visitors entering the building outside of these times will have to ring the office for entry and must immediately report to the main office for Raptor Scanning. Those visitors will be required to check-out in the main office when leaving the building. If you are a daily drop off/pick up parent/guardian, you will sign out your child at the classroom.


For new families, you will need to scan your license in order to receive a laminated card.  The laminated card is BLUE for the 2022-2023 school year.

Please remember to label all items with your child’s name.  Each child should bring the following items to school:

  • A sturdy bag for carrying items to and from school.
  • A change of clothing to be kept at school.
  • Wear or bring sneakers or rubber-soled shoes for outdoor play. As the weather changes, dress appropriately for the conditions.

All children receive a drink and nutritious snack every day.  If your child has a food allergy/intolerance a physician’s note is required.  You may provide a substitute for our snack items if your child has an allergy to a particular food.  Please be sure the nurse and your child’s teacher are aware of these allergies or any other physical or medical concerns.

There is a hot lunch program available for children in full day classes.  Children may bring a lunch and drink from home or receive a free school lunch through the USDA Community Eligiblity Provision program. Additionally students enrolled in a half day program are provided with a free meal (either breakfast or lunch depending on time of day) through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision program. 

Regular communication with families is very important.  Teachers will keep you informed about your child's instructional program, activities, and special events on a weekly basis. We encourage your participation to your child’s school program and hope you will visit frequently.  Please contact your child’s classroom teacher to make arrangements. 

We appreciate your continued support as we continue to provide a secure and productive environment for each child. You are a valued member of your child’s educational team!  Please don’t hesitate to call us with any concerns.


Dawn Hussein, Principal