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The school psychologists at the North Syracuse Early Education Program have several job responsibilities.  The school psychologists at NSEEP work to schedule and conduct a team evaluation of preschool aged students and interviews with their families.   Referrals may come from parents in the community, health care professionals, Early Intervention transition, or from our own or other preschool programs.  The psychologists test, observe, interview parents, and meet with the other evaluation team members to develop recommendations.  School psychologists also write reports based on the testing, write IEPs, and present findings at CPSE meetings.
Another responsibility of the school psychologists at NSEEP is continued monitoring of the students placed in the program through staffing meetings with the teams of teachers and therapists.  Concerns regarding learning or behavior are often brought to the table at staffing meetings, during which psychologists are one of the team members called upon to help problem-solve.
School psychologists provide counseling evaluations and ongoing counseling services to students at NSEEP.  Counseling services have historically been provided through a traditional, play therapy model or a DIR model.  DIR is a relationship based model of counseling, most often used with children with Autism, which focuses on emotional connectedness, increasing engagement between individuals, and eventually building abstract, logical, and creative thought.
The school psychologists are available to consult with parents, both during the evaluation process, and after.  School psychologists meet to offer suggestions for minor behavioral interventions at home and at school. 

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