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Late students are to report directly to the Attendance Office, located in Room 115. After reporting to the Attendance Office, the attendance aide will issue the student a yellow “Admit to Class Pass”. The yellow “Admit to Class Pass” allows the student to go directly and immediately to their scheduled class. If a student reports to class without the yellow “Admit to Class Pass” they will be sent (with a planner pass) to the appropriate attendance office to sign in and acquire the yellow pass.
Students who are to be excused from school early must present a note from their parents or guardian to their Attendance Office before the first block of the day. All excuses should include a telephone number in case parental verification is necessary. Students must obtain an “Early Dismissal Pass” from the Attendance Office before leaving the building. Students are not to be excused for lunch outside the building, even with parental permission. Student are required to provide the Attendance Office with their home telephone number, parents’ work numbers, and an emergency number (relative, neighbor, etc.) at the start of the year. They must also notify the attendance office if any of these numbers change during the school year.
Attendance Aide Student Last Name Email Telephone
Mrs. Ranalli A - K 315-218-4110
Ms. Bouziden L - Z 315-218-4310