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Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, and Cyber-Bullying Incident Reporting Protocol

Student Reporting
Cicero-North Syracuse High School students who need assistance with bullying, discrimination, and/or harassment can contact the following staff members:
  • Any teacher or teaching assistant
  • School Psychologist, Social Worker, Guidance Counselor, and ADA- PEP Counselor
  • Dean, House Principal
  • Executive Principal
Parent Reporting Parents who need assistance with bullying, discrimination, and harassment should take the following steps:
1. Contact your child’s teacher or counselor for assistance
2. Contact your child’s dean
3. Contact the House Principal
4. Contact the Building Principal if problem not resolved
5. Contact the District DASA Coordinator or the Assistant or Associate Superintendent if problem remains unresolved
6. Contact the Superintendent if the problem remains unresolved


Cicero-North Syracuse High School DASA Reporting Contact Information
Counselors, Psychologists, and Social Workers Phone Administrators Phone
C-NS High School 315-218-4100 Ms. Lisa Goldberg, District DASA Coordinator 315-218-2134
House One Counseling 315-218-4107    
House Two Counseling 315-218-4207 Assistant Superintendent 315-218-2100
House Three Counseling 315-218-4307 Associate Superintendent 315-218-2100
    Superintendent 315-218-2100
House One Dean 315-218-4109    
House Two and Three Dean 315-218-4209    
House One Principal 315-218-4102    
House Two Principal 315-218-4202    
House Three Principal 315-218-4302    
Investigation Protocol
  1. Student or adult files an incident report.
  2. School administration investigates incident within 48 hours.
  3. Parents are notified of the outcome of the investigation to the extent privacy rights allow.
  4. The incident and outcome of the investigation are documented.
  5. A determination will be made regarding whether the incident constitutes a violation of the Dignity for All Students Act and will be reported to NYSED accordingly.
  6. Corrective measures and/or disciplinary consequences will be administered if warranted.
  7. A follow up meeting will be held with students directly involved in any incident considered a DASA violation to determine if the issue is resolved or if further corrective action is necessary.
  8. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the entire process.

DASA Incident Reporting form