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Student Parking Information



Only SENIOR students with a permanent parking permit are allowed to park on C-NS school grounds.  Security checks all vehicles in the parking lots daily and any vehicles parked illegally will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Seniors that have a valid driver’s license, turned in their completed parking registration card to the House 2 Principal’s office, and took the Driver’s Safety class at C-NS are eligible for a permanent parking permit:


- The Parking Permit Registration card is available in any Principal’s office.  Students need to fill in their name, homeroom and vehicle information.


- Students and parents must read all the rules and sign the back of the registration card.


- Eligibility requirements: See a dean (no more than 3 referrals), their school counselor (eligible to graduate by June with a 70 average and not more than one failure), and their House Principal’s secretary (house by homeroom, not counselor) for any outstanding financial obligations.  Staff will sign off on the front of the registration card, not students.


- When the registration card is complete bring it to the House 2 Principal’s office with a valid driver’s license.  The student will then be added to the next available Driver’s Safety class list.


- The Driver’s Safety class is offered free of charge after school from 2:00 – 3:00 pm in the LGI across from the library, Room B-246.  Class size is limited but is offered throughout the school year.


- Seniors will then be assigned a numbered parking space in the student parking lot.  The number on the parking permit sticker assigned is the same number on the parking space.  Report to the main entrance security office to request the parking permit.  The security guard will put the parking sticker on the vehicle.  Students with large vehicles/trucks are encouraged to request a parking space in the back row of the student lot.


- BOCES students wishing to drive/park at BOCES have additional requirements.  Report to the House I Principal’s office for details.


We reserve the right to limit the number of permanent parking permits issued due to traffic problems on Route 31.  Students are encouraged to leave home early to avoid getting caught in traffic and being unexcused late to school.


Students who are allowed to drive and park in the student parking lot have been given a privilege.  Failure to abide by the C-NS rules and regulations governing student parking will cause disciplinary action and/or this privilege to be revoked.




·        Do not drive recklessly on school grounds, cut in front of cars or buses, make “U turns” in driveways, Cicero Elementary or parking lots of businesses, and do not make illegal left-hand turns from the exit road.

·        All traffic signs and traffic regulations must be observed, and the directions of the security officers must be obeyed.

·        Students must drive safely and under the speed limit of 15-mph; pedestrians and school buses always have the right-of-way.

·        Cars may only park in the student parking lot, not in the staff lots, visitors space, fire lanes, the side lot, or by the stadium.

·        The driver of a vehicle is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all passengers in the vehicle.  Both driver and passengers may be suspended for violations.

·        C-NS is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents.

·        Cars may be searched if there warrants reasonable grounds to suspect drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other illegal items might be present in the vehicle.

·        If changing vehicles permanently, you must report to the House II Principal’s office with the new vehicle information.

·        Notify security to temporarily drive an alternate vehicle.

·        Vehicles towed for violation of these rules will be towed at the owner’s expense.