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Custodial Services

Cleaning For Health - What is it?

Cleaning for health reflects a universal value: we assume responsibility for ourselves as well as others. To provide such cleaning, our staff must provide a “quality cleaning performance. “ This performance removes impurities from the environment, leaves behind minimum cleaning residue. And in no way jeopardizes the health and safety of occupants.

How Clean is Clean?

Cleaning is the process of removing impurities from the environment and putting them in their proper place. In cleaning, we find, identify, capture, contain, remove, and dispose of impurities. Cleaning is not diluting. (removing some impurities or dispersing them over a large area) There are three levels of clean: sterilization, disinfection and sanitation. In the school environment, we strive to disinfect all flat surfaces and common touch areas and sanitize all other areas.

Cleaning Frequencies:

Empty trash—5x week
Police and sweep floors—3x day
Scrub and rinse floors—5x week
Entry glass/door cleaning—2x day
General cleaning walls—5x week
Vacuum walk off mats—5x weekly

Empty trash/recyclables—5x weekly
Vacuum floors—5x weekly
Damp mop floors—3x weekly
Disinfect all flat surfaces—5x weekly
Disinfect common touch areas—5x weekly
General dusting—1x weekly
Strip and refinish floors—1x year

Disinfect walls/fixtures/partitions/floors—5x weekly