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Work Requests

How do I get repairs made in my room?

Click here to submit an online work request.
Work requests can be done for the following:
Carpentry, cleanliness, clocks, construction/renovation, electrical, grounds/athletics, heating/cooling, mail delivery, painting, plumbing, safety/security, event setup/teardown.
Work request process:
1.  Request sent to building administration.
2. Request reviewed and approved by the building administration.
3. Head custodian receives the request and determines if it can be done at the building level.
4. If completed at the building level, no further action is taken.
5. If it can not be done at the building level, a work request is submitted to the Maintenance and Operations department.
6. Maintenance and Operations receives the work request and it is reviewed and approved.
7. The work request is assigned to the appropriate employee with a timeline for completion.
8. The scope of work is reviewed and any needed parts are ordered.
9. Parts are delivered, work request is completed.
10. Completion is verified by the building head custodian and the work order is signed as being completed.
11. Work order survey is sent to original requestor for feedback on the work done.
12. Work order survey is returned and reviewed for overall customer satisfaction.
Work Request Timeline:
1. Low Priority— 7 to 14 days for completion.
2. Medium Priority—3 to 7 days for completion.
3. High Priority—1 to 3 days for completion.