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Thank you for your cooperation in keeping remote learning safe and private for our students and teachers by not taking screenshots or recording learning sessions conducted on Google Meet and Zoom.

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Food Services



Wendy Swift - Food Services Director
5520 A East Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
P:  (315) 218-2175
F:  (315) 458-0136

Judith Fero - MySchool Bucks Account Payments/Refunds
P:  (315) 218-2177

Jennifer Wheeler - Free & Reduced Applications
P:  (315) 218-2176

Debbie Farrand-Thrall, MS, RD, CDN -
Registered School Dietitian/Certified Dietitian Nutritionist


Your child's school day just got healthier!

School lunches now include more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain-rich foods; only fat-free or low-fat milk; “right-size” meals with portions designed for a child’s age; and less saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium.  The changes in school meals, the first in 15 years, are based on the latest nutritional guidelines. 

Fuel Our Future!
Your child can learn good habits for life by making healthy food choices and getting proper exercise now. We’re continuing to implement these new standards and work together with parents, to ensure that every child, in every community across America, has access to healthy and nutritious meals. Encourage them to try new foods and to eat healthy food offered. Proper nutrition in the school-age years can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to a student’s overall wellbeing. Emphasize healthy eating by trying to offer similar new foods at home. This will allow them to grow and learn to their fullest potential, and eventually, go on to lead long healthy lives.
As students in the North Syracuse Central School District return to school for additional in-person instruction beginning April 12, the District will reallocate its food service resources to meet the changing needs.  Families of students continuing to learn remotely will still be able to pick up meals in the morning or afternoon (each Monday through Wednesday) depending on their preference. Additionally, families can take meals for up to five days at a time.

Beginning April 12, the NSCSD’s new schedule for meal pickup for remote students will be:
  • Monday – Evening pickup (4:30 to 5:45 p.m.) at Cicero-North Syracuse High School (6002 Route 31, Cicero) 
  • Tuesday – Evening pickup (4:30 to 5:45 p.m.) at North Syracuse Junior High School (5353 West Taft Rd., N. Syracuse)
  • Wednesday – Morning pickup (9 a.m. to 12 noon) at Roxboro Road Middle School (300 Bernard St., Mattydale) AND Cicero-North Syracuse High School (6002 Route 31, Cicero) 

Donald F.X. Keegan, the District’s Associate Superintendent for Business Services, who oversees food service programming, said, “We have been incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated team of workers that adapted to our District’s changing needs this past year. We are thankful for their tremendous efforts keeping our students fed despite the challenges. We are excited that we are now in a position to be able to bring more of our food service staff back into buildings as our instructional models shift to more in-person learning.”

The North Syracuse Central School District will continue its existing partnership with the USDA providing free meals for all students, whether remote or in-person.

For more information, please call the office at (315) 218-2175.