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What if my child doesn't want to eat school lunch? Why should I fill out the form?
Even if your child chooses to bring their own lunch, or goes to a school where all students receive free lunch, filling out the form is very important! It ensures that your school gets all of the funding and benefits available to support teachers and students. In addition, even if your child does not eat school lunch, students who qualify for free lunch also can receive other benefits like:
Discounts for your family on utilities and internet service
Reduced fees for SAT and ACT tests and college applications
Reduced College Application Fees
Is the Information I Submit Confidential?
The information you submit on the Free and Reduced application cannot be shared by the Food Service Department.
Personal information submitted on the form is not shared with the state or federal government: only the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch is shared.
Principals and teachers are not told which students qualify for free or reduced lunch benefits.
NSCSD does not share information with other organizations that provide benefits. But if your child does qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, you may use the eligibility form provided by NSCSD to qualify for other benefits through providers like Spectrum Cable and National Grid.

Please call the food service office at (315) 218-2176 if you need more information.