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  • Medications administered at school must be brought  into the nurse’s office by an adult. The medication must be presented with a written order from a NY State licensed health care provider indicating the time of administration, dosage, a written parental request for school administration and be in the original container. This is for over-the-counter medication as well as prescription medication..State laws prohibit us from giving any medication without an order. School nurses do not have supplies of Tylenol, Motrin, etc. in their offices.
  • Medication orders must be renewed each school year.
  • Students with asthma may carry their rescue inhaler with them if the nurse has a note on file indicating that the student may self administer. We strongly recommend that a backup inhaler be in the nurse’s office. Please tell your child to notify the nurse early if they are using the rescue inhaler more than once in the day so that she can monitor his/her lungs and avert a crisis.
  • All schools  have a nebulizer in the nurse’s office. If your child requires nebulizer treatments, please provide the nurse with:  order, a written parental request for school administration, the medication and the tubing with a mouthpiece.


Provider and Parent permission to carry medication.pdf
Medication form.pdf
Allergy Action Plan (1)