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Student Dress Code

The Student Dress Code is part of Policy 5311.1

As students grow and develop their identities, they often use clothing as a way to express themselves. NSCSD respects our students’ rights to express their individuality in their appearance while in school and at school events. Student dress should contribute towards a safe, comfortable, and inclusive learning environment. This policy is intended to communicate student dress code expectations.
Religious and cultural headwear is allowed and accepted in all settings.
Must Wear: clothing including both a shirt with pants, shorts, or skirt, or the equivalent and shoes appropriate for coursework. Clothing must cover undergarments (waistbands and bra straps excluded).
May Wear:
•     athletic attire, yoga pants, jeggings, distressed jeans, cropped shirts, tank tops 
•     Hats, bandanas, and/or hoods may be worn in the classroom provided they do not interfere with the line of sight for any student or staff and the classroom teacher provides consent
May Not Wear: Hats and hoods may not be worn in hallways, lunchrooms, or the auditorium. Student may not wear clothing, items, or accessories that:
•     conceal/disguise a student’s identity (except for a religious purpose)
•     depict, advertise, or imply profanity
•     advocate violence, vulgarity, hate speech
•     feature pornographic images
•     promote drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
•     consist of undergarments or bathing suits as outerwear
  • denigrate another person’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other legally protected status
•      are see-through and expose undergarments and/or private parts
Addressing Violations:
•      A staff member will have a supportive, private conversation outside of the classroom setting with a student in violation of the dress code.
•      If the student modifies their attire to comply with the dress code the child is released to class with no disciplinary consequences.
•      If a student fails to adjust their attire to comply with the dress code policy, parents will be contacted to have a solution-oriented conversation with the goal of having the student return to their learning environment.
•      If all measures outlined above are not productive, the student will be considered insubordinate and subject to the student code of conduct.
This dress code applies not only to all school instructional programs, but also to all co-curricular, athletic, and extra-curricular activities, clubs, teams and events, including any fund-raising events associated with the School district.