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Celebrating multilingual excellence at CNS: The New York State Seal of Biliteracy

In our interconnected world, knowing more than one language is a big plus. The New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) recognizes high school students who are proficient in multiple languages, celebrating their skills and preparing them for a globalized future.

What is the Seal of Biliteracy?
The NYSSB is an award for students who are proficient in English and at least one other language by the time they graduate. Started in 2012, it encourages language learning, values linguistic diversity, and helps colleges and employers spot individuals with strong language skills.

Benefits of the Seal
  1. Academic Excellence: Shows high academic achievement and dedication.
  2. Career Boost: Bilingual individuals are in high demand in today’s job market.
  3. College Readiness: Signals to colleges that a student has strong academic and multicultural skills.
  4. Cultural Appreciation: Encourages understanding and communication in a diverse society.
  5. Personal Growth: Improves cognitive skills and builds confidence.
The NYSSB is more than just an award; it highlights the importance of knowing multiple languages and understanding different cultures. As more students earn this honor, they set an example for valuing and embracing multilingual skills, enriching communities across New York State.
The NYSSB is a testament to hard work and cultural awareness, preparing students for success in a globalized world. Its impact will keep growing, benefiting individuals and communities alike.

Jessica Keane and Seyda Akyuz-Mannion are Co-Advisors for the Seal at CNS; coordinating the program in the NSCSD and working to prepare students for the rigorous process. In addition, several teachers at the high school served as mentors, guiding the students through the required project components and final presentations.  This year’s Seal of Biliteracy class encompasses nine world languages: Spanish, French, Nepali, German, Chin, Lingala, Arabic, Vietnamese and Hebrew.

Congratulations to the following students for earning the designation:
Seal of Triliteracy:
Kriti Chhetri - Spanish, English, Nepali
Ngoc Pham - Spanish, English, Vietnamese
Joseph Seidman - Spanish, English, Hebrew
Elvine Tamba - French, Lingala, English

Seal of Biliteracy:
Nabaa Alhachami - Arabic, English
Gurleen Bhatti - Spanish, English
Nicholas Capece - French, English
Emma Capsello - Spanish, English
Riley Clarke - French, English
Jillian Coppernoll - Spanish, English
Gianna DelConte - French, English
Connie Dunn - French, English
Ryan Fehrman - Spanish, English
Leah Gallauresi - French, English
Kevin Gonci - German, English
Amanda Johnson - French, English
Bryan Krishock - Spanish, English
Hunter Lawless - Spanish, English
Shannon Loughlin - Spanish, English
Van Mawi - Chin, English
Meghan McGrath - French, English
Hannah Militi - French, English
Helaina Morgan - French, English
Lydia Morris - French, English
Suryansh Mulukuri - Spanish, English
Anna Myers - Spanish, English
Samara Ochiabuto - Spanish, English
Gabriella Pauline - Spanish, English
Emily Perkins - French, English
Mackenzie Prentice - Spanish, English
Diana Salim - Arabic, English
Emily Schuler - French, English
Maria Vastakis - Spanish, English
Brenna Villnave - Spanish, English
Haneefa Wahab - French, English
Liam Waterman - French, English
Thomas Wills II - Spanish, English
Gabriela Wissar - Spanish, English