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CNS students experience Quebec City

Je me souviens…Québec's official motto, "Je me souviens" or "I remember," perfectly encapsulates the memories made by French students from Cicero North Syracuse High School during their weekend escapade to Québec City earlier this school year.

Their adventure kicked off with a scenic ferry ride across the majestic St. Lawrence River, leading them into the heart of Québec City. From there, they explored a Huron Village, soaking in the fascinating history of Canada's First Nations. And let's not forget the mouthwatering breakfast featuring croissants, pain au chocolat, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate that fueled their exploration.

The students got a taste of the city with a bus tour, checking out all the must-see spots. They even got to experience a unique concert where wooden spoons took center stage at a woodworking workshop. And guess what? They got to take those spoons home as souvenirs!
But the real highlight? The breathtaking Montmorency Falls, where most of the students summoned up the courage to brave the suspension bridge for an unforgettable view.

Then came the ultimate sugar rush at the Cabane à Sucre - the Sugar Shack. Here, they devoured all kinds of treats smothered in maple syrup, danced up a storm, and learned the secrets of maple syrup making. They even got to whip up their own maple butter and indulge in maple taffy on ice - talk about sweet memories!
Wrapping up their trip, they headed to the Musée de la Civilisation for some laid-back exploration. From wrestling exhibitions to dives into First Nations culture and Québécois rap and hip-hop, they soaked in the diverse tapestry of Québec's heritage.

When asked to describe the trip in one word, students said that it was fun, enjoyable and amazing.  Senior Riley Clarke said, “Traveling to a place where they speak the language you're learning is so perfect to me and definitely worth the experience. Seeing words or phrases you've learned just out and about in the streets is so exciting. Trying to read menus or signs and use what you've learned to exist in this country using a language you're not so familiar with just teaches you more and increases your skill level. These trips should continue to happen as they really do benefit the students when it comes to learning and brings everyone closer.”  Helaina Morgan added, “I think that the trip to Quebec City was a great experience for all. I was able to practice my conversational French and prepare myself for the Seal of Biliteracy Presentation at the end of the month. The activities that we did were fantastic, as we were able to learn the cultures of Indigenous people, religion at the Basilica and the creation of Canada's primary condiment, Maple Syrup.”
The trip to Québec City was a blast and a real eye-opener for the students, giving them a taste of the Francophone culture they've been studying in school. They got to dive deep into all sorts of cool stuff, from the historic battle at the Plains of Abraham to the nitty-gritty of maple syrup production and its big role in the Canadian economy.