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CNS Film & Screen Design Class visits local news station for immersive experience in broadcast journalism

On Monday, May 20, students from Mr. Nadler's Film & Screen Design class at Cicero-North Syracuse High School had the extraordinary opportunity to visit News Channel 9, a local television news studio in East Syracuse. This visit provided a comprehensive look into the world of broadcast journalism, offering students valuable insights and firsthand experiences.

The day began with an extensive tour of the facility, led by executive producer Tim Fox. The tour gave students an inside look at the digital age of news production with reporters typing up news stories, editing footage and collaborating with the graphics team to prepare content for public broadcast. The students observed the intricate and intense workflow involved in creating both daily news segments and special features for programs like "Bridge Street."
A highlight of the visit was having the opportunity to watch the station’s 4 PM newscast live from inside the main studio. Students marveled at the smooth and coordinated efforts of the broadcast team, gaining a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of live television production. This firsthand experience was both educational and inspiring, providing a real-world perspective on their classroom studies.

The visit continued with an exclusive look inside the live control room, where students witnessed the direction, production and editing processes in real-time. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into the technical aspects of broadcasting offered students a comprehensive understanding of the skills and coordination required to deliver a polished news program.

Following the live newscast, the students had the opportunity to meet several prominent on-air personalities, including Christie Casciano, Jeff Kulikowski, Jim Teske, Steve Infante, John DiPasquale and Ashley Cafaro. Additionally, they interacted with various behind-the-scenes camera operators and management personnel. Many of these professionals shared their personal career journeys, with some even being alumni of Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Their stories and advice encouraged the students to pursue careers in broadcasting and technical fields, highlighting the potential for local talent to succeed in the industry.

This visit to News Channel 9 was an enriching experience for Mr. Nadler's Film & Screen Design class, providing them with a practical understanding of the broadcast journalism field and inspiring them to explore future career opportunities in media and technology.