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Community Forum on Race and Equity at CNS on June 13

The North Syracuse Central School District is inviting participants to its first Community Forum on Race and Equity. The event is intended for current CNS juniors and seniors as well as NSCSD alumni, families, caregivers and community members to share their experiences and concerns on the topics of race and equity within the district. The forum is being run and facilitated by trained professionals with the Center for Dialogue and Action at InterFaith Works of Central New York. It will take place at Cicero North Syracuse High School on Thursday, June 13 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. 

Earlier this year, the NSCSD adopted a policy on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure its schools and classrooms are safe, welcoming and inclusive where all students are valued and supported. The NSCSD also has a DEI Committee to ensure the policy is successfully implemented. Committee members will use the information gathered through the forum to guide their ongoing work.  

What to Expect: Table discussions with note takers, gallery walk with chart paper questions, anonymous response through digital sharing. Participants will be expected to follow the guidelines of the facilitators, and share openly and honestly. NSCSD Administration will be present, but not actively participating to allow for authentic conversations and open dialogue. NSCSD administrators are looking forward to reviewing an analyzed report based on the information shared, so as to deeper understand the experience and needs of the district and its students and families.
  • Kionna Garner, CDA facilitator
  • Andrea Jacobs, CDA facilitator
  • Pete Willner, CDA facilitator
  • Hanan Muse, CDA facilitator
Interested participants are being asked to complete an online interest form by clicking here.

InterFaith Works’ El-Hindi Center for Dialogue and Action (CDA) serves as a regional hub for constructive community engagement and the important work of dialogue. The CDA at InterFaith Works (IFW) has been engaged in our community’s effort to end racism since 1995. We are proud to be the New York State anchor partner with Everyday Democracy, a national organization that helps communities create and sustain equitable and inclusive public dialogue that leads to positive change.