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North Syracuse Little League Opening Day made extra special thanks to high school athletes

This year’s opening day for the North Syracuse Little League (NSLL) was an especially memorable one thanks to the support of some NSCSD students. Prior to opening day, NSLL Co-President Jo Andrews had reached out to the Northstars Baseball Program for assistance in making the day special for the young players and their families.

Ms. Andrews is also a dedicated teacher in the NSCSD and says she was overwhelmed by the positive response from the high school baseball teams. Both the Varsity and JV teams, dressed in their uniforms, enthusiastically participated in all the scheduled activities. Reflecting on the event, Jo said, “The look on our little players’ faces when they saw these big kids was precious. The players took part in our day as if it were their own. They were respectful, willing to help out, and were excited to be there. These gentlemen need to be recognized for what they did for our community.”

The involvement of the high school players extended beyond mere participation. According to Jo, who also coaches a T-ball team, five players—Angel Cuencas Jr., Owen Klei, Brett Barkley, Corey Kolbas, and Max White—chose to stay longer and assist with her game. “They were so kind and caring with my little ones,” Jo shared. “The smiles on their faces brought them back to when they were little. It was priceless.”
One of the younger players summed up the sentiment of the day perfectly, saying, "This was the best day of my life." Such heartfelt feedback underscores the impact of the high school athletes' involvement, showing how community spirit and mentorship can create lasting memories for the younger generation.

Jo also praised Coach Bailey and Coach Moreno for their exceptional work in not only coaching these young men but also in fostering a sense of responsibility and community spirit. “They have done an amazing job as coaches and role models,” she added.