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Students bring history to life during middle school history fairs

On May 9, both middle schools in the North Syracuse Central School District held history fairs at their respective buildings. For Gillette Road Middle School, this year repeated the event that they first held last spring. For Roxboro Road Middle School, this was the first year and both events were tremendous successes with more than 150 students participating between the two schools. 

The fairs were organized by Eileen Gleason at Gillette Road Middle School and Nicole Quinn at Roxboro Road Middle School. Both women at the social studies department chairpeople for their schools. To participate, students were asked to showcase any historical event, time period, person or place. Their projects brought history to life through a variety of mediums, including costumes, display boards, dioramas and interactive displays. Student projects explored a diverse range of topics including everything from sports, cuisine, geography and things like the current marketing phenomenon of Stanley drink-ware. 

Additional projects were done on  important issues such as Black History, Women’s Rights and the Space Race; historical figures like Ruby Bridges, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Anne Frank and historical events such as the American Revolution, Cold War and 911. Many students used their projects to delve into their own interests in sports like hockey, basketball, lacrosse, karate and dance. Some students also made personal connections by exploring their own family histories.

Lisa Goldberg, who oversees the social studies program for the North Syracuse Central School District, spent time at both events. She said, “The fairs provided a platform for students to demonstrate their creativity, research skills and passion for learning. Each project reflected hours of dedication and hard work, showcasing the depth of knowledge and critical thinking abilities of the participating students.” 

Lisa also offered her thanks to the staff of both departments and said, “Their dedication is amazing and they helped by supporting students who stayed after school to work on their projects.”  Congratulations to all the students who participated in the North Syracuse Central School District History Fairs! Your enthusiasm, creativity, and scholarly achievements were truly commendable. These events not only celebrated the past but also inspired a love of history and learning.
Additional pictures are available on the district's Facebook page.