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Congratulations to Lydia Roldan, Teacher of the Year!

March 8, 2024: North Syracuse Central School District Superintendent of Schools Daniel D. Bowles announced today that this year’s Teacher of the Year award will go to Cicero-North Syracuse High School teacher Lydia Roldan. Lydia now moves on to the statewide program for Teacher of the Year, sponsored by the New York State Education Department. Lydia was part of a group of five outstanding teachers of the North Syracuse Central School District, each of whom were nominated by at least 10 of their District peers.

Lydia has worked with the North Syracuse Central School District students as an English as a New Language (ENL) Teacher at both North Syracuse Junior High School and Cicero-North Syracuse High School since 2017. Lydia’s passion for teaching and her commitment to supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) have made a profound impact on our students and staff alike.

Throughout her tenure as an ENL teacher, Lydia has demonstrated exemplary dedication and expertise. She has not only taught ENL grades 10-12 but has also worked tirelessly to co-teach content classes and differentiate instruction for classrooms with multi-level learners. She has advocated for improved scheduling practices and implementing appropriate curriculum have led to the creation of a welcoming school environment for ELLs and their families.

Lydia's colleagues overwhelmingly supported her for Teacher of the Year praising her collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to her students' success. Kimberly Rice, Interim House III Principal at C-NS, commends Lydia for her dedication, collaborative spirit, advocacy, communication skills, and commitment to continuous improvement. 

Amy Petersen Sagrado, a former colleague of Lydia’s, took time to highlight Lydia's dedication to her students' academic and personal growth, as well as her passion for implementing innovative best practices in language pedagogy.

Lydia's accomplishments and dedication to her students extend beyond the classroom. She has actively participated in various professional development activities, including workshops, conferences and training sessions, to enhance her teaching skills and support her students' needs effectively.

Lydia's outstanding contributions to our school community have not gone unnoticed. She exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional educator, including dedication, collaboration, advocacy and continuous improvement. 

Other nominees in this year’s Teacher of the Year competition were: Karen Seamans at Cicero-North Syracuse High School, Danielle Delfanian at Smith Road Elementary School, Kathy Conese at Allen Road Elementary School and Kathy Krichbaum at Roxboro Road Middle School. Congratulations to Lydia and all our dedicated educators!

Many thanks are also due to those who served on the Teacher of the Year Interview Committee: Phil Cleary* (Committee Chair), Linda Congdon (Smith Road Elementary School), Lisa Goldberg (SEL Director), Amy Hysick* (CNS High School), John Kuryla (NSEA), Colleen O’Connor* (Roxboro Road Middle School) and Kathy Wheeler (Cicero Elementary School Principal). 

*Served as a former Teacher of the Year