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Bringing unity to the North Syracuse Central School District

The North Syracuse Central School District strives to be a positive force within our diverse community of 11 schools. Our school spirit has never wavered, but as you are probably aware, a communications audit and survey conducted earlier this year revealed there is confusion among community members regarding our district's name.  

More than 74% of survey respondents indicated that they had heard of the district referred to as CNS or had in fact done so themselves. Because many use North Syracuse Central School District and “CNS” interchangeably, this lack of consistency impacts our image and our brand. The district took these results and additional feedback to heart. 

We are not talking about changing the district’s name, we are now talking about clarifying the district’s image and brand. We want to bring unity to the North Syracuse Central School District.    

To accomplish this, we are working with branding experts at Capital Region BOCES to enhance our image and establish a unified perception in the community. They have successfully helped other school districts in similar situations across the state. The process will take time and will rely on a well defined strategy and input from key stakeholders. 

The North Syracuse Central School District believes this is an important step for our school community. It will help the Northstar nation shine brighter, together. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Laurie Cook at