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CNS students learn lifesaving skills in Adulting 101 class

May 31, 2023: Students at CNS High School recently had an exciting and informative experience as part of their school’s new Adulting 101 class. The class, specifically designed for seniors who will soon be heading off to college or starting their careers and living independently, aims to teach essential life skills through experiences. Allison Salisbury, also a health education teacher at CNS, has been working to bring her Adulting 101 students active and engaging lessons throughout the year.

Last week, the students had the opportunity to interact with special visitors from NAVAC Ambulance and the Cicero Fire Department. The class was divided into two groups, with one group remaining in the classroom while the other ventured outside for hands-on training.
The students who stayed in the classroom were led by NAVAC Ambulance member and Firefighter Garrett Roziock. During this session, they focused on fire safety and the prevention of common fire hazards. The students learned about the dangers of cooking and how to avoid potential accidents. They were introduced to the PASS acronym, which stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep - a technique used when operating fire extinguishers. Additionally, they gained knowledge about the different types of fire extinguishers available. The students also had the opportunity to learn about "Stop the Bleed" and how to handle common kitchen injuries. They practiced applying pressure, bandages, and even tourniquets using pool noodles or their classmates as simulated wounds.

Meanwhile, the second group of students stepped outside to work with the Cicero Fire Department staff, including Chief Jon Barrett, 1st Assistant Chief David Nicholas, and Firefighter Cody Coir. The firefighters engaged the students in a discussion about fire safety, emphasizing the importance of prevention and swift action during emergencies. Students had a chance to use Class A extinguishers to put out a controlled fire in a burn barrel. The firefighters closely supervised the exercise, ensuring everyone's safety. However, an unexpected twist occurred when the Cicero Fire Department received an emergency call and had to report to the fire station, leaving students in awe as they watched the fire engine race away.

The Adulting 101 class at CNS High School has been providing students with invaluable life skills, and the recent training session with NAVAC Ambulance and the Cicero Fire Department was no exception. By combining classroom learning with hands-on experiences, the students gained a deeper understanding of fire safety, basic first aid, and the importance of quick thinking during emergencies.

Allison Salisbury, the teacher behind this innovative class, has been instrumental in bringing the lessons to life and preparing her students for the challenges they may face when their current support systems are not there to guide them anymore. Allison said, “Our community partners have been instrumental in bringing this course to our students. It is a true example of what it means when people say ‘it takes a village’”. With the skills and knowledge acquired from the Adulting 101 class, these students are well on their way to becoming responsible and confident young adults.