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CNS students earn prestigious Seal of Biliteracy

Nadine Lozanov, Haley Cummings, Mallory Brooks, Anthony Gabrielli,  Grace Sugrue, Maddie Rodoski, Angelina Cifaratta, Olivia Maura and Kaley Otis 
20 Cicero-North Syracuse High School students recently received notification that they had met the requirements necessary to earn a Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma. The designation recognizes students who demonstrate mastery in more than one language. 

Together these CNS students have mastered eight different languages. One student can demonstrate quadliteracy (mastery of four languages) and two students can demonstrate triliteracy (mastery of three languages). 

The seniors will be honored at the school’s award ceremony on June 1 as well as during a special breakfast ceremony on June 9. 
Congratulations to our 2023 recipients:

Seal of Quadliteracy
Bhavi Patel in English, Gujarati, Hindi and French

Seal of Triliteracy
Carlo Clerigo in English, Tagalog and Spanish
Nadine Lozanov in English, Bulgarian and Spanish

Seal of Biliteracy
Arantza Aguirre-Calvo in English and Spanish
Mallory Brookes in English and Spanish
Angelina Cifaratta in English and French
Haley Cummings in English and Spanish
Ella Fisher in English and French
Anthony Gabrielli  in English and Spanish
Elizabeth Harbold in English and French
Aaron Huskic in English and Bosnian
Mackenzie Leone in English and Spanish
Alanna Manning in English and Spanish
Olivia Marra in English and Spanish
Marissa Navarra in English and Spanish
Kaley Otis in English and Spanish
Derek Phelps in English and Spanish
Madeleine Rodoski in English and French
Regan Spangenberg in English and French
Grace Sugrue in English and French
Mackenzie Leone, Marissa Navarra, Alanna Manning, Derek Phelps and Carlo Clerigo
Students seeking the Seal of Biliteracy were asked to prepare an extensive project and give an oral presentation in front of a panel of judges. The program, organized in Central New York by the Mid-State Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (RBERN), strives to highlight the value of diversity and world languages instruction in schools.

In New York State, the Seal of Biliteracy was adopted it in April of 2016 because of its major benefits, including:
  • Identifying high school graduates with language and biliteracy skills for employers;
  • Providing universities with additional information about applicants;
  • Preparing students with 21st century skills;
  • Recognizing the value of world and native language instruction in schools; and
  • Affirming the value of diversity in a multilingual society.
Jessica Keane and Seyda Akyuz-Mannion are Co-Advisors for the Seal at CNS; coordinating the program in the NSCSD and working to prepare students for the rigorous process. In addition, several teachers at the high school served as mentors, guiding the students through the required project components and final presentations.

Jessica Keane said, “The Seal of Biliteracy speaks to the great capabilities of our students and serves as a celebration of World Languages and cultures. The Seal is the shining star of the World Languages department; showcasing a culmination of six years of World Language study. We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of these students – their dedication to their World Language journey is evident in earning the Seal of Biliteracy.”