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“Tell Your Story” at the 2023 Festival of Nations

The North Syracuse Central School District took time this month to celebrate the unique backgrounds of students and staff. According to SchoolTool, there are 25 different primary languages represented in the district. 

That diversity was celebrated at this year’s Festival of Nations, which was held in the C-NS High School cafeteria. The theme was “Tell Your Story.” Participants were able to learn about the countries, cultures, and customs that students hold dear. 
“The goal was to create a space where students and families from any culture, country, and background could feel safe, welcome, and affirmed in sharing who they are with our school community. What resonated with me the most was the expressions of joy and comfort on student faces – that they visibly were able to let their guard down and feel completely safe in school” said Director Dave Lunden. 

The festival had a large turn out. Around 200-250 people were in attendance. And there was so much to enjoy. There were informational displays, performances, foods to try, a passport activity, and a raffle for prizes. 

C-NS Associate Principal Kimberly Rice organized the event.