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Gillette Road Middle School Students Take Part in Lesson Lab

Fifth graders in Ms. Guidetti’s classroom at Gillette Road Middle School had some special guests visit from the University of Rochester in February. The Warner School of Education Center held a Lesson Lab for the middle schoolers. 

According to the center’s website, a Lesson Lab provides a shared experience in order to create a conversation about mathematical content, instructional practices, and student thinking. It includes a planning session, observation of the math lesson, and a debriefing discussion. The discussion allows participants to examine student work and reflect on the lesson. Those involved were happy with the outcome. 
“This year more than ever, I have worked so hard to give students the opportunity to think on their own, as partners and as groups. Being able to see that in full as an observer really gave me great insight” said Ms. Guidetti.  

You can learn more about the Warner School of Education Center by visiting its website at