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C-NS Students Work Together to Create Awareness for Suicide Prevention

Students in Pam Woznica’s School Age Education Experience class are helping get the word out about suicide awareness as part of their course. Mrs. Woznica says that one of the requirements for the course is for the students to work together to create meaningful, engaging bulletin boards throughout school’s hallways. With the month of September being Suicide Awareness Month, the class focused their work on creating boards around that theme.
For the project, each student had to first conceptualize and design a bulletin board on paper. Their designs were posted around the classroom for students to consider and vote upon. Each student was given three votes and the board with the most votes was selected to be created in the hallway.

The winning board was designed by Madelina Casanova, a junior at the school. As the winning designer, Madelina was tagged as the project facilitator and had to make sure the rest of the students stayed on task and engaged in their work.
Woznica shared a picture of her students’ work and said how pleased she was with the completed project. “The students worked very well together and as you can see, they did a great job,” she said.