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C-NS Honors 4th Quarter NorthStar PRIDE Winners

C-NS celebrated their 4th quarter Northstar Pride awards during the week of May 16.  Northstar Pride awards honor students for demonstrating the core values of the building which consist of: personal responsibility, respect, integrity, discipline and engagement.  Students were honored with an assembly where they received their award, a treat, and their name will appear on the marquis as well as the morning announcements.  Congratulations to all our C-NS Pride recipients.  They make C-NS a great place to come and learn every day!

Northstar Pride recipients included: Liam Adams for Engagement & Respect; Arantza Aguirre-Calvo for Discipline, Respect & Personal Responsibility; Bowie Aldrich for Respect, Personal Responsibility; Sydney Altobello for Engagement; Keira Anderson for all categories; Jada Arellano for Personal responsibility; Jaiden Asch for Discipline; Mya Ashkar for Personal Responsibility; Michael Azzarello for Engagement; Braedyn Baitsell for Personal Responsibility; Ahmad Baqaakhail for Integrity; Elijah Barboza for Discipline; Grace Bergman for Personal Responsibility; Gurleen Bhatti for Respect, Engagement; Aidan Birmingham for Integrity;
Julissa Blakes for Engagement; Jordan Blanton for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Matvei Bobkov for Engagement; Patrick Bombard for Respect & Integrity; Jace (John) Bovaird for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Kaylin Bristol for Engagement; Katelyn Brown for Discipline & Engagement; Adelaide Brown for Engagement; Braedon Buie for Respect & Engagement; Thomas Burgess-Schnell for Personal Responsibility; Kaleb Burlingame for Respect, Integrity; Cobi Burry for Respect; Maddie Casanova for Engagement, Respect & Personal Responsibility; Ella Cassel for Respect & Personal Responsibility; Matteo Cavallaro for Integrity, Respect; Anthony Chiera for Respect; Angelina Cifaratta for Integrity, Respect; Rose Coleman for Engagement; Elizabeth Courtwright for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Danielle Crivelli for Integrity; Anthony Crowley for Respect & Integrity; zrianna Cuencas for Engagement; Cadence Cunningham for Respect & Integrity; Kirstyn Dallman for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Nico Dawson for Respect; Patrick Deegan for Integrity; Colin Deitz for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Engagement; Haleigh Demperio for Integrity; Jonathan Devine for Integrity, Discipline; Ella DiFabio for Engagement;
Sarah Dobbins for Respect, Engagement; Julia Donovan for Integrity; Harmonee Egan for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Ryley (RJ) Fadden for Engagement & Personal Responsibility; Delia Fedele for Discipline; Ryan Fehrman for Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline; Lorelei Finch for Personal Responsibilty; Dylan Firenze for Integrity; Riley Florczyk for Integrity; Shaylin Florczykowski for Personal Responsibility, Discipline and Engagement; Jacob Garofalo for Integrity; Kevin Gonci for Respect, Integrity, Engagement; Hannah Graham for Integrity; Timothy Graham for Engagement; Nadia Greco for Respect & Personal Responsibility; Cadence Griffin for Engagement; Kaeden Hacker for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity; Rylan Hall for Discipline & Engagement and Respect; Morgan Hayes for Integrity; Victoria Haynes for Respect & Kindness; Alicia Hilborn for Integrity; Jordan Hnatiw for Integrity, Respect; Derek Hoke for Integrity; Nevaeh Hulsmann for Engagement & Personal Responsibility; Emilee Indivero for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Daniel Isabell for Personal responsibility, Engagement, Discipline & Respect; Nyliasha Johnson for Responsibility, Respect & Integrity; Ti'ahjae Johnson for Integrity; Cha'Nya Jones for Engagement; Joey Kawola for Engagement, Integrity & Respect; Lee Ketaily for Respect & Integrity; Carter King for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Samantha Klein for Integrity; Lindsey Kubala for Personal Responsibility; Alexa Kulakowski for Integrity; Paige Lants for Integrity & Engagement; Peyton Lants for Personal Responsibility Respect, Engagement; La'Quan Lemon for Engagement; Jon Longwell for Integrity; Lorenzo Lorini for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Shannon Loughlin for Engagement, Personal Responsibility; Jake Lukasiewicz for Engagement & Integrity; James Magda for Respect & Personal Responsibility; Bella Manfredi for Discipline & Engagement; Gianna Manipole for Discipline, Engagement & Respect; Sophie Manning for Discipline; Drew Matyasik for Personal Responsibility & Engagement; Legende McGrath for Personal Responsibility & Engagement; Molly McGrath for Integrity; David Mech for Personal Responsibility; Chris Mehlek for Engagement; Ethan Metcalf for Engagement; Tyler Milewski for Integrity & Discipline; Adam Militello for Respect & Engagement; Ian Mitchell for Personal Responsibility; Ainsley Morford for Integrity & Respect; Dom Musumeci for Discipline; Brieanna Nalle for Personal Responsibility; Marissa Navarra for Integrity; Star Newton for Personal Responsibility; Dylan O'Loughlin for Engagement; Linda Owens for Respect; Ella Pauline for Personal Responsibility; Caelynn Perry for Respect; Angela Phan for Discipline; Jenna Pickard for Discipline; Mackenzie Prentice for Engagement & Personal Responsibility; Kenzie Prentice for Personal Responsibility; Meghan Price for Respect; Amanda Purdy for Integrity; Calvin Ramos for Personal Responsibility; Jasmine Rathburn for all categories; Hannah Reagan for Personal Responsibility; Camron Rhode for Personal Responsibility; Ny'Sheem Rice for Engagement; Emilee Rio for Integrity & Discipline; Roemellow Robinson for Personal Responsibility; Oliver Sadler for Respect; Ahnyah Salaam for Personal Responsibility; Amar Salkic for Personal Responsibility, Discipline; Natalia Santone for Engagement; Samuel Shaw for Respect & Integrity; Jae Simo for Respect, Integrity; Ava Smith for Respect; Amari Stephens for Respect; Grace Sugrue for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity; Urguen Tamang for Respect & Engagement, Personal Responsibility, Engagement; Anthony Testa for Respect, Personal Responsibility; Lucas Thelen for Engagement; Dean Thiele for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Natalee Tomski for Engagement, Personal Responsibility; Brinley Trimm for Engagement & Personal Responsibility; Matthew Uon for Integrity; Aria VanDreason for Personal Responsibility & Integrity; Tyler VanFossen for Respect & Personal Responsibility; Brenna Villnave for Integrity & Discipline; Haneefa Wahab for Discipline & Engagement; Jack Waite for Engagement; NeJa Wallace for Engagement & Respect; Aiden Wheeler for Engagement; Ariel Wiechmann for Engagement; Jack Willsey for Integrity; Brittany Wood for Discipline and Abby Woods for Discipline.