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C-NS Honors NorthStar PRIDE Winners

This week, 157 Cicero-North Syracuse High School students were honored with Northstar Pride awards.  The students were recognized by teachers and staff for exhibiting the core values and attributes expected of our students at C-NS.  Students were honored with individual cards filled out by teachers and staff.  Counselors and House Principals were on hand to offer congratulations.  We are so proud of our shining Northstars and all the positive examples they set as they go throughout their time at school.  The core values they demonstrated fell in one of the following categories: personal responsibility, respect, integrity, discipline and engagement.  Students will also be honored on the marquee at C-NS, the morning announcements, and the C-NS webpage.  Congratulations to all our honorees!

Northstar Pride recipients included: Arantza Aguirre-Calvo for Personal Responsibility; Rocco Albanese for Respect, Integrity, Engagement; Shannon Anderson for Pride; Keira Anderson for Personal Responsibility; Landon Archer for all categories; Braedyn Baitsell for Engagement & Integrity; Jamar Ballard Jr. for Respect & Integrity; Riley Barrett  for Personal Responsibility; Joss Barrington for Engagement; Kendall Beachner for Respect; AJ "Antoine" Bedard for Respect; Gurleen Bhatti for Respect, Engagement; Aaliyah Blount for Respect & Integrity;
Allie Bogan for Personal responsibility, integrity, engagement; Patrick Bombard for Respect & Integrity; Noah Bonnier for Engagement; Isabella Borte for Personal Responsibility; Abby Bouziden for Engagement; Zerrie Brown for Respect, engagement; Morgan Bunton for Discipline, respect, engagement; Joe Calveric for Personal Responsibility; Eve Campitello for Engagement; Kate Capone for Respect & Integrity; Conner Carinci for Respect, Engagement; Daniel Catalano for Integrity & Respect; Julian  Chavez for Personal Responsibility & Engagement; Kriti Chhetri for Respect; Mason Clarke for Respect; Allison Cole for Pride; Kim Cooley for all categories; Lexi Cooper for Personal Responsibility; Erinn Cosgrove for Engagement, discipline, respect; Danielle Crivelli for Integrity; Azianna Cuencas for Engagement; Emma Decker for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Jacob Deitz for Respect & Engagement; Haleigh Demperio for Integrity & Engagement; Grace Dines for Engagement; Julia  Donovan for Pride; Aaron Dunn for Personal Responsibility & Engagement;
Robert Echols for Open-mindedness; Annalisa Emmi for Discipline, respect, engagement; Anna Esce for all categories; Abby Fenner for Engagement; Nick Ferguson for Engagement; Isabella Fernandez for all categories; Lorelei Finch for Personal Responsibility & Respect; Sydney Fratianni for Pride; Devin Freeman for Respect, Integrity; Samantha Gaetz for Pride; Carlton Garnes for Respect; Jacbo Garofalo for Pride; Emma Gasque for all categories; Peter Gill for Engagement, Personal Responsibility; Laura Gonzalez for  Bravery; Sean Graves for Respect, Integrity; Olivia Greco for Personal Responsibility; Caden Griffin for Discipline and engagement; Kate Gucciardi for Engagement; Selena Guevara-Haid for Engagement; Lizzy Harbold for Personal responsibility, engagement; Morgan Hayes for Engagement, respect; Christian Henderson for Engagement; Angelina Hill for Respect; Patrick Hoffman Jr. for Engagement; Benjamin Hofmann for Personal Responsibility; Colin Hong for all categories; Maddy Howell for Personal Responsibility & Engagement; Ramell Hoyle-Freelon for Respect, Integrity; Rammel Hoyle-Freelon for Respect; Malea Iauco for all categories; Isabella Jacobs for Pride; Dan Jordan for Personal Responsibility; Zymere Joyner for Discipline; Joey Kawola for Engagement, Respect; Tanner Kellogg for Personal Responsibility; Nathan Kemp for Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline; Nick King for all categories; Rylie Kocik for all categories; Michael Koehler for all categories; Hunter Kot for Integrity; Connor Kulak for Pride; Paige Lants for Engagement, Personal Responsibility; Mackenzie Leone for Personal Responsibility & Engagement; Hilary Lyda for Engagement; JoAnna Manning for Personal responsibility and integrity; Morgan Manning for Integrity; Emma Marino for Personal Responsibility; Dakota Martin for Personal Responsibility; Juliana Marullo for all categories; Adrianna Masters for Engagement; Haley Maury for Engagement, discipline, respect; Lal Mawi for Engagement; Gavin McAllister for Integrity; Tom McIntyre for Engagement; Matthew Metrick for Personal Responsibility & Respect; Lily Meyer for Personal Responsibility; Adam Militello for Engagement; Hayden Miller for Personal responsibility; Dante Mills for Discipline, engagement, personal responsibility; Mady Mohat for all categories; Gianna Montesano for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Lydia Morris for Engagement, Discipline; Zoe Mukasa for Pride; Sophia Nguyen for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Victoria Nguyen for Integrity; Lordis Nicholson for Engagement & Respect; Meghan Obleman for Engagement, integrity, respect; Emma Osier for Pride; Abrianna Ostrowski for Respect, personal responsibility; Makenzie Prentice for Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Engagement; Christine Proulx for Perseverance; Triston Roberts for Personal Responsibility; Jordan Robinson for Engagement; Katherine Rockhill for Personal Responsibility, Respect; Nicholas Rockwell for Respect, integrity, engagement; Isabelle Room for Pride; Maria Rossi for Engagement; Amar Salkic for Respect; Meira Schiff for Personal Responsibility; Areena Schuldt for all categories; Sam  Shaw for Respect & Engagement; Ralph Smith for Personal responsibility, integrity, respect; Alexa Snyder for Personal responsibility; Connor Snyder for Personal Responsibility; Ayden Sprague for all categories; Hayden Staab for Pride; Isaac Stiglich for all categories; Kat for Taru Personal responsibility, engagement; Ro Tha for Discipline; Lutenna Tommy for Engagement; Francesca Tortora for Pride; Brianna Trent for Personal Responsibility; Brinley Trimm for Respect, personal responsibility, engagement; Shaun Tuper for Respect, personal responsibility, Engagement; Ava Tyler for Respect; Emily Unger for Engagement, respect; Matthew Uon for all categories; Andrew Vinette for all categories; Karma Votaw for all categories; Brianna Weaver for Pride; Aimee West for Personal responsibility; Madi  Whitcomb for Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline; Ceirrah Williams for Personal Responsibility & Respect; John Wozniczka for Integrity, Engagement; Jazmyn Wright for Respect and integrity; Madilyn Wright for Engagement and Jaidah Zavaglia for Personal Responsibility & Engagement.