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North Syracuse Education Foundation Celebrates 20 Years of Giving

As the North Syracuse Education Foundation (NSEF) celebrates 20 years of giving this year, the NSCSD is helping highlight some of the outstanding programs that have been made available because of their grants. The NSEF serves a simple, but comprehensive purpose: to ensure that North Syracuse Central School District students benefit from a quality education to maintain and enhance the level of excellence in North Syracuse schools. With the unfortunate reality of diminishing local and federal funding, the NSEF has filled the desperate need of stretching budgets by funding projects and materials to enhance students’ education.
In its 20 years of existence, the NSEF has funded more than $200,000 worth of programs that have directly benefited all students from grades pre-k through 12. The group’s mission is to sponsor activities and projects intended to enhance the education and cultural enrichment of students of the NSCSD. Programs and materials provided through the NSEF supplement those typically funded by the regular school budget.
Grant Highlights
Alex Parsons, a technology teacher at North Syracuse Junior High School, has applied for and received multiple grants through the North Syracuse Education Foundation. Parsons’ first grant for VEX Robotics equipment introduces junior high students to robotic concepts promoting further learning in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) area - such as systems, design, process and computer science.
Parsons’ second grant in the area of Computer Aided Technologies, specifically for an Emblaser 2 Laser Engraver, helps students learn about manufacturing in a hands-on way. Students utilize the engraver to manufacture products but must come up with creative solutions to problems that arise. Both of Parsons’ NSEF grants have allowed students to have enhanced opportunities in the areas of science, technology, math and engineering.