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Decades of Design on Display at North Syracuse Junior High School

For the second time this school year, students in Nita Bellucci’s Fashion in Our Lives classes at North Syracuse Junior High School have turned their school’s library into a fashion runway of sorts. As part of the curriculum for the Fashion in Our Lives course, students spend time exploring clothing styles, designers and trends and investigate influencing factors. As students develop their knowledge of fashion, they learn how to bring their ideas to life by constructing their own textile projects.
For this particular project, students spent time exploring fashion trends from various well-known periods of time and then created presentations about a particular fashion trend/period of time. Additionally, students made clothing replicas from the period of choosing using mini mannequins to display their creations. The mannequins are currently on display in the library along with signs giving a bit of information about the time period along with a QR code that can be scanned to listen to the students’ presentations.  Nita Bellucci credits the school’s tech coach, Danielle Barrett for helping the students learn the technology used to create the presentations.
Kelly Forsyth, the Library Media Specialist at North Syracuse Junior High shared information about the project and invites students to come check out the creations and to learn more by watching the presentations. She said, “The display itself is very impressive but it is even more interesting to learn about the fashion trends by listening to the presentations.  I am amazed every day by the ways that technology can be used to enhance education.  This project is a great example of a successful collaboration.”