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C-NS Holds P.S. I Love You Week Activities to Support Mental Health Awareness

During the week of February 7-11, students in the Cicero North Syracuse High School Principal’s Cabinet, with support from the school’s new “The Hidden Opponent” club, celebrated P.S. I Love You week. The theme is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of mental health. 
Events at C-NS kicked off with Varsity boys and Varsity girls Basketball awareness games. The players wore purple, the gym was decorated and an awareness table welcomed spectators with information on mental health and crisis resources.   
Monday was semi-colon day with students posting their semi-colon or “what keeps them going” on a bulletin board. Tuesday students came in to the building with the walls covered in inspirational post-it notes.  Wednesday students were able to play kindness Bingo throughout the day by performing random acts of kindness and winning prizes.  Thursday students were able to write “P.S. I Love You Thank You notes” to anyone in the District to let them know they were appreciated and on Friday students were encouraged to wear purple along with name tags stating what they “stand for.” 
Donations were graciously accepted at the basketball game events and on Friday and the students and staff raised $447.00 for the cause. The money will be donated to Contact Community Services to support their mental health awareness services. Susan VanCamp, the School Services Division Director with Contact Community Services, thanked the school and District for the support saying, “C-NS is making such a huge difference in the lives of students by keeping mental health awareness front and center.  Thank you for all for this life-changing work!”