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“School Age Education Experience” Class Offers Real Life Teaching Experience

Students in the North Syracuse Central School District are fortunate to be able to participate in a wide variety of elective course throughout their educational careers. As students grow and learn, it is important for them to have opportunities to explore careers in their areas of personal interest in order to select career paths that will serve them well.

Elective courses in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) education are designed to provide students with focused perspective on families, work and their interrelationships. The District offers 25 different FACS courses with subjects including everything from Interior Design and Clothing Production to Independent Living and Foundations for College and Career Success.    

Pam Woznica is the chair of the NSCSD FACS Department and has worked as a FACS educator here for 18 years. Over those years, thousands of students come through her classes as well as her peers in the Department. Their students’ interests have been as varied as the course offerings themselves but one of the more “popular” FACS courses is the “School Age Education Experience” class. In this particular 20-week class at C-NS, students are immersed in the field of education and work hands-on with elementary students. The course is recommended for students interested pursing careers working with younger children.

Woznica shares that through the class, students are assigned to a teacher from with Cicero Elementary School, Lakeshore Road Elementary School or Gillette Road Middle School where they participate in a 10-week internship exploring what it would be like to become a teacher. Woznica says “These are our future teachers of tomorrow and what better way to prepare them for that then by having them work directly with our younger students.”