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“We Gave the Kids the Car Keys - Now What?!” Tech Happens Podcast for Parents

If you have ever taught a young driver, you know the fear and frustration that is involved with that process. You would never just allow a 16 year-old to start driving without some instruction. In many ways, the responsible use of technology can draw parallels with learning how to drive a car but with much less crunching of metal. Both activities, if not done well, and with some forethought can cause life changing consequences.

In this installment of the Tech Happens podcast, created by the North Syracuse Central School District's wonderful team of instructional technology coaches, they discuss the importance of social emotional learning and how it applies to digital interactions. Expertise is gleaned from Lisa Goldberg, the District's Director of Social and Emotional Learning. 

Click here to listen to the podcast. Additional information about responsible digital citizenship is available on the tech coaches website by clicking here. 

The team of Instructional Coaches for Technology Integration at NSCSD, is made up of Danielle Barrett, Chris Manke and Shannon Knapp, three former classroom teachers in the District. The “tech coaches” work with all NSCSD teachers to provide them with the technology resources and critical support necessary to succeed in today’s educational environment. When the District began teaching remotely due to the pandemic, the assistance the tech coaches provided was invaluable. 

As part of a new effort this school year, the team of coaches has been presenting tech information in the form of Podcasts. Shannon Knapp, the veteran member of the team says, “We set our goal to create four episodes this year and to use tools that are available to District educators and students.” The hope is that the use of this particular tool may inspire others to try out the technology.   

The first podcast episode, "Born in a Digital Age - Now What?" Tech Happens, was geared toward staff. The latest installment, which is available by clicking here, is geared toward families and the coaches intend for the remaining two episodes to help students.