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Voters Approve Structured for Success! Capital Project

North Syracuse Central School District voters have approved the three separate propositions that make up the Structured for Success initiative.
Proposition #1 includes renovations to C-NS High School, Lakeshore Road Elementary, Cicero Elementary and Smith Road Elementary. The $64.96 million project will not increase taxes for District residents. Decades-old learning spaces and systems that are long past their useful life will be renovated or upgraded. Proposition #1 was approved (89% support) with 1,279 yes votes and 157 no votes.
“We are incredibly pleased that voters recognize the value of this cost-effective project and the meaningful impacts it will have on our programs and for the community at large,” said Superintendent Dan Bowles. “It is essential that we continually address the issues of effectiveness and safety of our learning spaces. On behalf of the Board of Education, I am delighted by this outcome and the positive changes that are taking root in our District.”
Voters also approved proposition #2 for the construction of a community pool facility at C-NS, which will support District athletic programs and be available for use by the broader North Syracuse community. The District will now join most others in the region that have this valuable asset in their community. Proposition #2 was approved (82% support) with 1,174 yes votes and 261 no votes.
A third proposition to establish a capital reserve fund for future projects was also given a thumb’s up by voters. This fund will help address the financial impact of projects to be developed in the future. Proposition #3 was approved (89% support) with 1,276 yes votes and 157 no votes.
Construction on the roof of C-NS High School is slated for this summer, with all other projects commencing in 2023.

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