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Taxpayer Information

The North Syracuse Central School District Board of Education sets school tax rates in August of each year. The tax rates are based upon the total tax levy (which was part of the budget approved by voters in May) and the final municipal assessments for the towns of Cicero, Clay and Salina. School tax bill payments are handled by each town. The North Syracuse Central School District does not accept school tax bill payments.
The school district does not control or influence the assessed values of properties within the district boundaries. Assessments are conducted and reported by the towns of Salina, Clay and Cicero.  NYS controls equalization rates. Equalization rates are the State's measure of a municipality's level of assessment and how close a property's assessment is to its actual value. They are designed to ensure that owners of properties with similar full market values pay an equivalent amount of taxes. Equalization rates determine how the school tax levy is allocated to individual taxpayers.