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Smith Road Elementary School Celebrates Giving

The Character Education Team at Smith Road Elementary School (J. Bennett, K. DeSpirito, L. Marzullo, J. McCurdy, S. Garrett, K. Norton, M. Harrington) helped knock down hunger through their school’s "Domino Day" collection event. Students and staff collected an astounding two THOUSAND boxes of cereal and raised nearly $300 in donations for the North Syracuse Christian Church Food Pantry.

Before the boxes were donated to the pantry, the school celebrated their accomplishment by lining them up like dominoes through the school’s hallway. Smith Road Elementary School Principal, Lyndsey Maloney then led the students in a countdown and their mascot, Smitty the Shark, started a domino demolition with cheers from the students.

Smith Road Elementary School Music Teacher Becky Hall shared pictures and video with a big “THANK YOU” to the Smith Road family and the North Syracuse Community and said, “I have heard from several people that 'today finally felt like a we back to normal'… what a great feeling considering what a year it has been!”   

Great job Smith Road Elementary School students and staff!