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Student Logon Information

Student Google Sign-in username/email address:
Logon names begin with the students two digit graduation year, then first initial, last name,   A last name containing an apostrophe, hyphen, space, or appendix will be shortened to the first portion of their name.  For example: John O’Brian-Jones Jr graduating in 2026 will have a log in of  ***Please Note*** If a student has a log in name from last year that does not match their current graduation year, those accounts will be updated at the end of August (Exact date TBD) to reflect their correct graduation year and those students will need to use their new log in name/email.  
Password info:
Passwords are routinely reset each year to ensure that students will be able to access their accounts at the beginning of the school year as many students forget their unused passwords over the summer.  Please be advised that Passwords for all student school/district accounts (schooltool, Google) in grades K-12 will be reset at the end of August.  (Exact Date TBD)   The Password format will be the same as last year.   Information regarding passwords will be emailed to parents and secondary students before passwords are reset.