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Physical Distancing

PHYSICAL DISTANCING The Onondaga County Health Department recommends schools maintain at least 3 ft. of physical distance between students within classrooms. This recommendation is also supported by The Centers for Disease Control.
NSCSD will encourage students to maintain a minimum distance of at least three feet during classroom activities.
  • During meal periods, students will be allowed to remove their mask when eating or drinking.
  • Once a student has finished eating or drinking, students will be asked to resume wearing a face mask.
The District will increase other mitigation measures when physical distancing cannot be attained, such as improving fresh air flow by opening windows and grouping cohorts of elementary age students who are not currently eligible for the vaccine.

RESOURCES The District will implement proper signs throughout all buildings to remind students and staff to social distance. Free printable resources are available on the CDC website

Click here for CDC guidelines regarding social distancing.