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C-NS students Earn Prestigious Seal of Biliteracy

15 Cicero-North Syracuse High School students recently received notification that they had met the rigorous requirements necessary to earn Seals of Biliteracy/Triliteracy on their high school diplomas.
In New York State, the Seal of Biliteracy was adopted it in April of 2016 because of its major benefits, including:
  • Identifying high school graduates with language and biliteracy skills for employers;
  • Providing universities with additional information about applicants;
  • Preparing students with 21st century skills;
  • Recognizing the value of world and native language instruction in schools; and
  • Affirming the value of diversity in a multilingual society.
To qualify for the designation, students must meet rigorous requirements including giving oral presentations to demonstrate their language proficiency to a panel of judges. The process was the same as last year; however, due to COVID, students were not able to present in person to a panel of teachers like they did last year at OCC. 

Because of the school closure, students needed to finish their projects remotely with guidance provided via Zoom, email, Google collaborative features, etc. from their mentors, Lydia Roldan as the ELL teacher, and Mary Murdoch and Jane Murlin as Seal of Biliteracy coordinators. 
On April 22, students presented their final projects via Zoom to a panel of three North Syracuse Central School District teachers. The following teachers graciously volunteered their time to make this happen: Seyda Mannion, Elise Micale, Erica Stark, Maureen Scoville, Heather Puchta, Lydia Roldan, and Pam Russell.
Upon notification that students qualified for the designation, and because the tremendous accomplishment could not be recognized in person, teachers Mary Murdoch and Jane Murlin drove to each student's house to deliver a personalized cookie cake, balloon, and congratulatory card. 

Teacher Mary Murdoch said, "Earning a New York Seal of Biliteracy is a tremendous feat that culminates six years of World Language study. We wanted to honor these students for their hard work and unwavering dedication and seeing their smiles and their family’s appreciation was extremely rewarding and heartwarming!” 

Seals of Tri-literacy
James Corl III (French and Spanish)
Jawadshah Kasimi (French and Turkish)
Seals of Biliteracy
Gabby Anagnostopoulos (Spanish)
Ianna Castro-Calderon (Spanish)
Jacqueline Cupoli (Spanish)
Sarah Herter (French)
Alex Kohne (Spanish)
Sophie Kuryla (French)
Pooja Patel (French)
Kaelin Peters (French)
Allen Puskar (Spanish)
Austin Raabe (Spanish)
Christian Sampsell (French)
Madeline Thorne (French)
Andrew Truong (Spanish)