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Join Us for our Final Wellness Wednesday - June 10 Topic is Personal Growth

Two weeks ago we planted our seeds to watch them grow.  Just like plants we also can grow not just physically but in many areas of our lives.  This week’s Wellness Wednesday we are reflecting on our own personal growth.  With the limitations of these past few months what opportunities have you noticed for your own personal growth?  In what area would you like to bloom?
How to Share: Email your photos or videos to or Share on Facebook or Twitter with @NSyracuseCSD and use #NSCSDWellness.

Where might you find opportunities to practice these human qualities? Let us know how and where you practice and experience these qualities and ultimately see how they are interconnected.  How might  we remain hopeful and trust that ­showing and experiencing these qualities will assist in our growth and connect us as a community?

Many thanks to everyone that has participated in our Wellness Wednesdays over the past several weeks! We have enjoyed sharing your photos and positive thoughts.