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Allen Road Elementary Students Learn About Chinese New Year

Third and fourth grade students at Allen Road Elementary School recently learned about and celebrated Chinese New Year through a presentation at their school. As part of the district's partnership program with the Confucius Institute at Alfred University, several Chinese teachers took time to teach students about the holiday and showed students other aspects of their culture.

Students were first taught the traditional Chinese greeting then listened to stories about the history of the Chinese New Year and why they celebrate a certain way (ie: the red lanterns, the fireworks, etc). They learned the difference between the Chinese attitude toward dragons vs. the Western attitude. They heard about the Chinese Zodiac and the characteristics that go with each animal. They learned about the importance of family in the Chinese culture and the traditional foods that they celebrate with.  After each "lesson", the children were asked to recall certain details.  When they answered correctly, they were given a bright red envelope with a bookmark inside from the Confucius Institute wishing a Happy New Year. 

The students were so engaged and enjoyed their lesson!