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Allen Road Elementary School Student Receives Red Cross Youth Good Samaritan Real Hero Award

Congratulations to Allen Road Elementary School Student, Robert James (RJ) Drager, who was honored with an American Red Cross Youth Good Samaritan Real Hero Award during the agency's Real Heroes celebration on December 4, 2019.

RJ's 7th birthday will be remembered as more than just a birthday celebration. During a pool party at his family’s home, RJ noticed one of his friends, Pierson Brown, a fellow classmate at Allen Road Elementary School, was underwater with his eyes and mouth open. RJ quickly responded, pulling his friend to the surface. Adults nearby pulled the boy out of the pool and administered CPR until medical professionals arrived.

The two boys are pictured with their teachers, Ms. Corwin and Mrs. Burns and Principal Lunden at the Dec. 3 Real Heroes breakfast honoring them.

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