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Weekly Progress Reports

Why should a student begin using a weekly progress report? 

Parents who are concerned about their child’s progress in particular classes can begin a weekly progress report to receive general information about a student’s grades, upcoming important assignments or tests, and their weekly average.

How do I get a weekly progress report?

Students can pick up a weekly progress report in the counseling office each Thursday morning before homeroom or upon request, parents can be given copies so they can keep a supply at home.  You can also download a printable version by clicking here

How does the process work?

The student should carry this report form to classes beginning on Thursday each week.  The report should be handed to the teacher at the beginning of class and collected back from the teacher before leaving class.  Because students have most courses every other day, the report should be carried to all classes on Friday as well. This gives the student the opportunity to have the form completed for all core subjects.

Once completed, students should bring the report home for the parent or guardian’s review.  The parent/guardian should keep the form to refer back to as needed.  If you have questions or concerns about what is included on a report, please feel free to call or send a note to the teacher(s) involved.

Who is responsible to ensure the process is followed?

The student is responsible to follow the procedures as listed above.  These report forms are provided as a tool for parents and students; therefore, consequences or rewards for completion of these reports must be determined from home.  The counseling office is not responsible for monitoring, tracking, or making sure a student has picked up a form.

It is our hope that these progress reports will help both you and your child to better monitor progress and keep up with assignments.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your child’s counselor as listed below.
Counselor Last Name Phone # Counselor Last Name Phone #
Mr. Scullion A-COL (315) 218-3626 Mrs. Gadsden MEM-RU (315) 218-3628
Mr. Whittico COM-HA (315) 218-3627 Mr. Kulakowski RY-Z (315) 218-3630
Ms. Cisson HE-MEM (315) 218-3631