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NSJH Counseling Office

Parents: Please make sure you are checking your child’s report card by logging onto schooltool.  Once you log onto schooltool, click on Grades and then the printer icon.  You will not be able to view the quarterly marking period average unless you click on the printer icon.

Teacher Conferences: Communication between parents and teachers is very important. Parents are encouraged to speak to teachers on the phone before requesting a parent conference. Often times, a phone call will be all the communication that is necessary to get the required information. However, if a conference with all the teachers is deemed necessary by the counselor or the parent, it will be scheduled for 2:00 on a day the counselor and the parent are both available. Parents wanting to meet individually with only one teacher may certainly do so without needing to have a counselor present. These individual meetings may be scheduled directly with the teacher.

Concerned About Your Child’s Academic Performance?  Follow These Steps:

1. Monitor your child's grades through the online grade book.

2. Contact your son or daughter’s teacher.  Check the district website to see if the teachers have a webpage.

3. Monitor your child’s homework by checking their Agenda daily. 

4. Make sure your son or daughter stays after school for extra help

5. Request a Weekly Progress Report through the Counseling Office.

6. Request a copy of our "North Syracuse Junior High Study Skills Handbook" booklet. 

7. If you have exhausted all of the above strategies, then you may wish to request a Parent Teacher Conference

What is a School Counselor?

A school counselor is a professional member of the school staff, who has been trained to address the personal, academic and career concerns of students in New York State schools.

School counselors are certified educators who assist all students, parents, teachers and administrators. The primary role of the school counselor is to help students as they seek to identify and achieve personal goals, as well as academic goals. The school counselor is an advocate for students.

School counselors work with students individually or in groups, and with parents. School counselors counsel, consult and coordinate. They refer families to other resources within the school and community when necessary. The school counselor is a resource for all students and their families, and can be a source of support.

What Does a Counselor Do?

The role of the school counselor is to assist students with ANY issue or concern that they might have. We are here to listen and help that student find solutions. As educators, we can teach children social skills, friendship skills and how to solve social dilemmas.

In Eighth Grade, students are introduced to their counselor, and work with his counselor through the end of Ninth Grade. The counselor will meet with their students as needed, and also once during the year for their Annual Review. As part of the student’s transition process into Tenth Grade, the Junior High counselor will share relevant information with the high school counselor. The student will then work with one counselor throughout high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see my school counselor? Stop by his or her office, or make an appointment for a convenient time, or ask your teacher for a pass.

What do you do in your counselor’s office?

Talk. Plan. Refocus. Some examples of what kids talk about are issues such as: transition to junior high, peer relationships, organizational skills, test-taking strategies, career and job interests, scheduling, home issues, report card grades, progress report comments, stress management, anger name a few.

Do school counselors provide therapy?

No. School counselors provide short term counseling. We provide support and encouragement for a wide range of issues.

Do school counselors consult with parents?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to talk with us about their child so we can work together to help each student reach his or her potential.

What is the role of the school counselor in relation to parents and teachers?

The counselor’s job is to facilitate information and communication. The classroom teacher is always your primary resource regarding schoolwork. The counselor participates in parent-teacher conferences, suggests strategies or interventions, serves as a resource, and can provide referrals to other community agencies.

What is a School Social Worker?

Another member of our staff is the school social worker.  School social workers are masters level professionals who are New York State Certified.  The school social worker’s role is to develop trusting relationships with students and provide individual and/or group counseling  services to enhance well-being, self-esteem and  the ability to succeed.  The school social worker is available  to speak with students during times of crisis as well as routinely.  School social workers also provide referral information and emotional support for families facing any type of challenge or difficulty. Click here to view the district's School Social Worker website

The School Social Worker in our building is Mrs. Blatt.  She is here full time and may be reached at 218-3632. 

School Counselors 2018-2019
Alphabetical Breakdownde Counselor Secretary Phone Number
A – CRA Mr. Scullion  

BA Sociology, SUNY Oswego

MS Counseling, Syracuse University   
Mrs. Hunt 218-3626
CRE - HES Mr. Whittico

BSW Social Work, Nazareth College

  MS Counseling, Syracuse University
Mrs. Hunt 218-3627
HET - MCG Mrs. Murphy

(Department Chair)

BS Education, St. Bonaventure University

MS Counseling, Syracuse University

Mrs. Hunt 218-3631
MCH-RO Mrs. Gadsden

BS Psychology, St. Lawrence University

MA Counseling,

Ed M - Masters in Education 

Teachers College, Columbia University
Mrs. Hunt 218-3628
RU-Z Mr. Kulakowski



BA Psychology, SUNY Oswego

MS Counseling, SUNY Oswego
Mrs. Hunt 218-3630

School Social Worker

Liz Blatt






For students entering Grade 9 in 2001 and thereafter


 A total of 22 units are required for graduation from Cicero-North Syracuse High School.

HEALTH 1/2 1/2

To qualify for a Regents Diploma, students must pass the following Regents exams:
  1. Regents Comprehensive Exam in English.
  2. 2 Regents Exams in Social Studies
  3. 1 Regents Exam in Math 
  4. 1 Regents Exam in Science

To qualify for a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation a student must meet all the exam requirements for a Regents diploma plus:
  1. An additional Regents Exam in Science
  2. 4Two additional Regents Exams in Math 
  3. The State Comprehensive Exam in a Second Language.**

**SPECIAL NOTE: Students seeking a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation who pursue a 5-unit sequence in Art, Music or Occupational Education may use this in lieu of the Second Language requirement.