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C-NS Students learn from Assemblyman Stirpe

New York Assemblyman Al Stirpe recently visited Cicero-North Syracuse High School to discuss current topics that influence students, as well as topics surrounding his career. Assemblyman Stirpe represents the 127th District, which resides over the towns of Cicero, Clay, Manlius, Pompey, and Tully. He has been working in that position since his re-election in 2012.

To open the talk, Mr. Stripe first explained some of the work he does as an assemblyman, which includes passing the state budget, legislative work, and community aid. He also disussed working toward an increase in spending for education.

Recently, Rep. Stirpe helped pass the Dream Act, which helps dreamers receive financial aid and scholarships. He also helped pass ‘GENDA’, an act that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and adds the transgender community to those protected by New York State Hate Crime Laws. ‘GENDA’ is the first major LGBTQ+ bill passed since the Marriage Equality Act in 2011.

Assemblyman Al Stirpe discussed the topic of free college tuition, reminding the audience of the Excelsior program offered in New York. He voiced his agreeance that being debt free after college is ideal, and proposed that more actions should be made to help people who can’t afford college.

Of course, the Assemblyman’s infamous ‘groundhog day’ campaign ad was a topic discussed. An admirable detail about it is that the ad didn’t bash another candidate, it was a humorous view on the way that candidates put out attack ads. Assemblyman Al Stirpe educated the audience on  what his job entails, discussed recently passed acts, and encouraged students to make themselves heard and vote in upcoming elections.